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Arts Court Theatre

“@interWEBBED is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” Welcome to @interWEBBED a fantastical digital space where you can make friends, become an influencer, and cancel all the haters. Will you survive this new world or get consumed? Enter at your own risk…


école secondaire publique De La Salle public high school

Simply put, A SIDE OF RICE is me, Nicholas Rice. If all goes well, I’ll turn 72 in October, and I wonder if this makes me the oldest artist in the Fringe…

Aliya Kanani: Where You From, From?

Where’s she from? 30 countries, 10 schools, 6 languages. Comedian, academy award nominated actress and ex-flight attendant, Aliya Kanani, takes us on a journey around the world, with tales of fitting in, sticking out and standing up. Don’t miss this internationally-sold out show…

All Request Radio

Atelier Theatre

“Playing your favourite made up songs!” All Request Radio is an improvised jukebox musical creating instant nostalgia. Join award-winning emerging artist The Velvet Duke in the daring world of CKVD 995 FM — a radio station where the DJ freestyle sings the top 10 songs, without knowing the music ahead of time…

Always Because: The Adventures of Maggie and Meghan

Atelier Theatre

Ever wonder what the lesbians next door got up to over quarantine? Do you need to analyze your relationship to toxic masculinity? Are you sexy? Join M&M’s series of adventures exploring queer love, joy, and skinny dipping!


Thanks for looking up my show! The short elevator pitch is…Blind to Happiness is a one-person drama-comedy about a quirky dishwasher, his cat, positive psychology, some beer, and (perhaps) life’s most important question – is ‘happier’ a choice? The show is centered on three restaurant co-workers, each appearing to be happy to the other… but then we find out maybe they aren’t…

Booger Red

école secondaire publique De La Salle public high school

Booger Red survives a rough childhood, becoming a renowned Hellfire and Brimstone Southern Baptist preacher. Can Preacher’s Kid Jimmy emerge from under his shadow, finding his own unique voice? If you’ve ever had a dream or a daddy, Loucks’ passionate solo show is for you…

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