Created by Caligula, Corinne Viau and Seth Thomson | Produced by Take The Money And Run | Origin: Ottawa, Canada
Studio 1201
14 + fees

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You ever feel like there’s someone out to get you? Maybe you’re right.

666! is a modern interrogation of the Satanic Panic, where thousands of people were accused of performing illicit satanic rites.

Content Notes

666! features discussion and depiction of religious trauma and therapeutic malpractice.

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  • Sunday, June 164:00PM
  • Monday, June 1710:00PM
  • Tuesday, June 188:00PM
  • Thursday, June 206:30PM
  • Friday, Jun 218:30PM
  • Saturday, June 226:30PM
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Queer drag horror theatre. Blood. Horns. Lies. Ave Satanas.

Program photography: Marc Brigden Photography

7 responses to “666!

  1. The only thing I can say that encapsulates this show: I have to watch it again. Caligula, Seth, and Corinne are absolutely incredible and had my jaw dropped the whole show. I can’t wait to see the show again and feel the exhilaration, intensity, and horror of this powerful and poetic show.

  2. I was hooked after the opening scene alone. 666! is evocative, terrifying, hilarious, and a damn good show. The sound design was on point as it expertly drove home the reality of the Satanic Panic being spread on the news, and I was enraptured watching Caligula give the performance of a lifetime. There was an appropriate balance of tension being built and released by Corinne and Seth throughout the show that gave me space to really take it all in. This was the best and most entertaining depiction of Satan I’ve ever seen – and that’s saying a lot as an ex-christian.

    Hot, heavy, and horrific.

  3. An absolute knockout – brilliant physical performance from Caligula, really great performances all round with Seth’s comic deadpan providing great levity and Corinne’s harrowing performance giving dramatic weight. At turns funny, intense, difficult, and bombastic with some fantastic dance to boot. And it handles the satanic panic in a way that illuminates that past and sheds light on the present. This is the sort of play that Fringe is made for, definitely recommended.

  4. Spooky, darkly funny, and relentlessly queer. Everyone firing on all cylinders. Shout-out to Corinne’s blood-curdling screams and Caligula’s maniacal cackle.

  5. The perfect balance of serious, dark subject matter and comic relief. Completely floored by the phenomenal acting. 10/10 A MUST SEE!!

  6. Fantastic.
    Right back to the Satanic Panic of the 1980s with Geraldo on TV and the devil hiding in plain sight.
    Caligula as the devil is a high energy decent into madness.
    Will definitely try and see it again.

  7. Weird and memorable.

    Satan starts out as a silent tormenter, then breaks out into a dance number that is… sexy? uncomfortable? Weird and memorable. The latter half has Satan as more of a conversationalist.

    All three of them carried the show for the hour. I won’t forget it.👏👏

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