On this page, you will find the different types of icons and definitions of these that Ottawa Fringe uses to signal information to you.

Content Notes

The best way to describe a Content Note is to consider it a “heads up.” A note can communicate to an audience member that there may be certain depictions, or conversations, in an art piece that could be inappropriate or triggering for themselves.

On each show page, you’ll find icons that indicate production’s specific Content Notes. Below you will find details of what each icon means.

mask performance
Masking Performance
physical storytelling performance
Physical Storytelling
American Sign Language Performance
ASL Performances
described performance and/or storytelling
Described Performance and/or Storytelling
audio description icon
Audio Described Performance
sensory friendly performance icon
Sensory Friendly Performance
reduced capacity performance icon
Reduced Capacity
Open Captions
assistive listening icon
Assistive Listening Available
no late comers allowed
No Late comers allowed
Scented Product
Mature Language
Sexual Content
Mental Health
Flashing Lights
Audience Participation
Abrupt Loud Noise

Accessible Performance Categories

These symbols are used to highlight additional access measures in place at certain shows. Some access measures are available at every performance of a show, and others are only in place at some performances. For details on when these supports are available, you can check the individual show pages here, or the accessible show listings here.

assistive listening icon Assistive Listening

This icon means that this show has a venue that has assistive listening available. Assistive Listening supports audiences that need the stage sound amplified. This is delivered through the Listen Everywhere app. You can use your own smart device and headphone or borrow a device from the box office either Arts Court Theatre or Berlanga Lounge.

mask performance Masks Required Performance

These shows require audiences to wear masks during the show. You are encouraged to bring your own mask, but don’t worry if you forget: a volunteer will have one that you can use. 

physical storytelling performance Physical Storytelling Performance

These shows rely on physical body expression for meaning. Speech and/or sounds are either not present or are used minimally. If they are used you will still understand the performance without them. These types of shows could be things like dance or clown shows.

American Sign Language Performance ASL Performance

Some people’s access needs require American Sign Language interpretation (ASL). This means spoken English is interpreted into ASL. These shows will have ASL interpreters who will interpret English into ASL during one or more performances. 

described performance and/or storytelling Described and/or Storytelling Performance

These shows can be understood from what is verbally described or said in the play. They are accessible through listening to the performers’ voices and sound cues and don’t need visual cues to follow the action or meaning of the performance.

audio description icon Audio Described Performance

Using the Listen Everywhere smartphone app, you can listen in as a trained audio describer describes the visual elements of the performance. They will describe what the set, characters and movement of the play look like throughout the performance.

sensory friendly performance icon Sensory Friendly Performance

These shows offer a more relaxed sensory experience. You are encouraged to come as you are and move, stim, leave and come back to the space. Typically this means you can enter and exit the theatre as needed, wear headphones/sunglasses, and the audience lights will be left on slightly. There will be a preshow speech and extended content notes will be available at the door for those that would like to more information before watching the performance. 

Please note that these performances may not have been designed with this in mind.  And the standards may vary slightly. However, these shows have thought about how to be more sensitive to those with sensory needs. There are sensory backpacks available at the Festival box office if you would like to borrow one for the performance. 

reduced capacity performance icon Reduced Capacity Performance

These shows are sold at a 60% capacity. This means that fewer seats are available, allowing for more space for the audience.

Open Caption Performance

These shows offer what is spoken as written projected text. Some shows may also offer a translation of the spoken dialogue. 

Show Ratings


Intended to be viewable by all ages. No mention of profanity, drug use, sex, or nudity.


While the show may still be alright for children, there could be mild profanity or violence.


Intended to be appropriate for teens – there may be profanity, violence and light talk of sex or drug use.


May contain any/all of the following: violence, drug abuse, sexuality, profanity, nudity, or other adult themes (among other things).