A One Woman Titanic Parody in 59 Minutes or Less

Created by Katie Thayer | Produced by Bikini Katie Productions | Origin: Orlando, USA
La Nouvelle Scène – Studio A
14 + fees

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It’s been 84 years … or at least 26 since Titanic first hit theaters! Your heart will go on an adventure as you watch actor, and actual Titanic historian, Katie Thayer (Beneath the Bikini 2019) perform the 3 hour 14 minute blockbuster… by herself… in 59 Minutes or Less!

Content Notes

It’s based on the PG-13 movie Titanic, so it follows PG-13 movie rules: one F-bomb, other adult language, “Jack painting Rose like one of his French girls,” etc.

I also use a toy water gun in the show, so the front couple of rows will likely get a little spray.

I use two audience volunteers, and then one person will get ice dumped on them. They are warned that they’ll get wet and have the option not to sit there.

A transcript will be available for this show.

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  • Thursday, June 138:00PM
  • Saturday, June 151:30PM
  • Sunday, June 166:00PM
  • Wednesday, June 197:00PM
  • Friday, June 219:00PM
  • Saturday, June 224:30PM
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“You’ll never let go of the laughs!”
“Best double-sided wig work since Broadway’s Jekyll & Hyde!
– The Orlando Sentinel

3 responses to “A One Woman Titanic Parody in 59 Minutes or Less

  1. Incredible show. The accents, the humor, the wigs, the energy and the splash zone. Very entertaining, includes all the best bits and great historical facts/ behind the scenes commentary. Kate Thayer is delightful, definitely a must see. The tween year old sitting with us who hasn’t seen the film even enjoyed it having not seen the film.

  2. Awesome stuff. The two most famous VHSes ever made, condensed into an hour of laughter and learning (and also that really sad part of the movie with the violinists). Katie is amazing!

  3. 59 minutes (or less) of pure joy. A delightful performance and even touchingly personal. Using random small props of hats, various dolls and toys as puppets, and the genius of wigs and timing, she is engaging, hilarious and respectful to the story. She put in a lot of hard work and yet makes it look so easy. Kudos.

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