Almost 13

Created by Joan Kane | Produced by Ego Actus | Origin: New York, USA
14 + fees

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Almost 13 is a solo drama about the loss of innocence that is raw, gritty, tender, and confrontational. It is a true story about a young girl surviving a hot, violent summer in Brooklyn, New York in the 1960’s when racism was an everyday occurrence.

Content Notes

There may be a little profanity, it varies from show to show. There is a mimed murder with a baseball bat and a mimed , non explicit rape scene involving a minor.

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  • Saturday, June 155:00PM
  • Sunday, June 169:00PM
  • Monday, June 1710:00PM
  • Thursday, June 207:30PM
  • Saturday, June 223:30PM
  • Sunday, June 236:30PM
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All she wants to do is jump in the waves at Coney Island and see the fireworks. Emotionally broken from witnessing a murder, she finds herself dancing with a ghost. Can she embrace her brokenness and survive the violence of the urban streets?

2 responses to “Almost 13

  1. This is one of the strongest fringe shows I have seen.

    I try to see 20-30 a year so I don’t say that lightly. It is also incredibly heavy – all the more so because it is so well done. So definitely see it, but you may also want to plan some time to come down from it after.

    The actress recreates the events of the summer before she turns 13. She does this not through storytelling but by physically taking on the posture, movements and voice of each character. They are strong and easily distinguished. She loses no tension in the switches. The writing is tight and well considered. She draws a clear picture but with no risk of boredom or needless exposition.

    This show will suck you in, and keep you in it’s grasp until the very last moment – and for some hours afterwards.

    Make the space to see this one.

  2. A gem of a show. A complex and nuanced one-woman memory play about growing up in a tough neighbourhood in Brooklyn in the 1960s, with reflections on love, family, God, and other light topics, stirred together with the politics of street gangs and the gossip of nosy ladies on their stoops. Joan Kane brings it all home with grace and humour.

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