Awesome Ghosts of Ontario

Created by Catherine Pelonero | Produced by Ottawa School of Theatre | Origin: Ottawa, Canada
Arts Court Theatre

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An Ottawa School of Theatre Teen Acting Company performance.
Ghosts are haunting the woods of Ontario and Alice Wimbley – avid ghost hunter and disgruntled Tim Hortons employee – is going to prove it! Armed with her recorders and a crew consisting of her skeptical friend, her sardonic sister and her paranormally-inclined cousin, Alice boldly treks into the deep forest determined to get the spirits on tape.

Content Notes

Abrupt Loud Noise


  • Sunday, June 161:30PM
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Featuring Ottawa School of Theatre Teen Acting Company members:
  • Mia Jade Bouliane
  • Félixe Lafrenière
  • Nathan Montpetit
  • Maisie Troy
  • with a special appearance by Hayden Sovinsky

Directed by Alain Richer

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