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This show was selected for an additional “Best of Fest” performance on Sunday, June 23 at 9:00PM. For tickets to this showing, click here.

After 34 years of marriage, Leslie thinks life has no surprises left in store for her. That is until her husband makes a shocking request…

Cabaret of Murder

Atelier Theatre

John Wayne Gacy. Ted Bundy. Dennis Rader. Charles Manson. What do all of these people have in common? ART! … and also murder. But mostly art. Painting, poetry, music, and even plays.

Three powerhouse women combine humour with terror as they present works of art made by serial killers.

Campfire Cabaret


Hello, campers! Welcome to Camp Unicorn Tits, the sultry strange summer camp of your hot wet dreams. Our whole staff is thrilled to invite you to our evening campfire. We have spent sleepless nights compiling all things horny and hilarious, and boy – are we tickled to show you!

Cancelled: Persephone


Persephone, influenced from the Greek legend, starts with a clever duo dance conjures up images of mythical creatures, morphing from one to the other.


Arts Court Theatre

Trapped in the mundane world of dry comedy and door-to-door salesmanship, Cornflake is an experimental comedic drama about a bird and a rat living in a world where one must forget and where one must stay exactly the same.

Cranium Connect: Fire at the Fringe

Club SAW
Ottawa Fringe Festival has teamed up with Cranium Arts Project to bring a dope night of live music. Get ready to groove to live Afrobeat, Hip-hop and more.
Hosted by Cranium Arts Project – MC J Morris
9:30PM – Taapz
10:00PM – Zoo Legacy
11:00PM – Rhythm Boyz

Dressed as People – a Triptych of Uncanny Abduction

La Nouvelle Scène – Studio A

A school haunted by troubled children, a mysterious disappearance in a forest, an encounter with the unknown on open waters. Three characters, three time periods, three tales of abduction and the intrusion of the uncanny into the lives of those who are taken, those who do the taking, and those who are left behind.

Drinking with Plants


Prepare to be whisked away on a hilarious journey with Sarah in Lisa Meuser’s uproarious comedy, Drinking with Plants!

Meet Sarah, a woman who’s one pot away from becoming a full-blown houseplant herself! As she wrestles with the existential crisis of isolation, her botanical buddies decide to sprout to life, blurring the boundaries between her living room and the Amazon rainforest!


Escape From Ottawa

Atelier Theatre

It’s 1997, the future. Ottawa is now a prison. Snake Plisskin must ESCAPE FROM OTTAWA to clear their record, and if they feel like it, save the world. From the creators of “Bedwetter” and “Kitt & Jane” comes an epic action-comedy filled with puppets, motorcycle chases and dance offs.