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Fissures X La Ménagerie

Venue 3 – LabO

Part One (30 minutes): «Fissures» is an exploration of states of mind and being. Struggles with mental health, identity and self-perception issues are at the core of this personal moment that is set up for viewers to observe…

For PSY Kicks

Venue 4– Studio 1201

Are you troubled by strange dreams in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of knowing in your home or at work? Have you or your family ever moved an object, trinket or item with your mind? You still could be psychic and not even know it…

Foul Play

Venue 5 Club SAW

Mac is the star quarterback; Beth is his cheerleader girlfriend; and Duffy is his main dude. Senior year is going to be EPIC. That is until Mac and Duffy get their tarot cards read by the weird goth chicks under the bleachers. After that, high school would never be the same…

Generic Male – Just What We Need, Another Show About Men

Venue 1 – Arts Court Theatre

The Generic Males’ multi-award-winning Off-Broadway show returns to give us just what we need: another god-damn show about men. It’s fathers & sons, it’s war & death. It takes us into the beating heart of the failing patriarchy as it descends into acrobatic absurdity…


Venue 5 Club SAW

GRIMprov, Ottawa’s improv troupe with a live DJ and over 10 years of experience, are back with three fan-favourite shows. First is Jesus Christ, Private Investigator: the P.I. with God on his side (shows 1 and 6). Next, The Focus Group: where your feedback shapes the show (shows 2 and 4). And finally, GRIMprov’s Guided Roleplay—a unique D&D-esk show starring audience volunteers (shows 3 and 5).

If You Had the Time

Venue 4– Studio 1201

Everyone has just died but you…for now. You have been selected to create a new world with everything you have ever known, seen, felt, and believed. Everything you write down will create the new world. But everything you forget to write down will never exist. Forget to include giraffes? Future eyes will never see them. The key to the future is literally in your hands. You have an hour. Go.


Venue 6 - BYOV - Atelier

A unique true pandemic story of comedy and not. Lockdown strands me on the remote holy paradise beach of Gokarna in India. For two long years. In a place so safe I leave my laptop on a table outside for six months. While nothing changes and everything changes. And the outside world seems very faraway…


Venue 3 – LabO

Given their neurotic behaviour, Jinny and Jack aren’t the most popular kids. They meet at their school’s new *mental*health*support*group* where they instantly bond. As they confuse affection for romance, things take a turn for the awkward. In this whirlwind tale of self-acceptance and chosen family, the normal path was never on the radar anyway…


Venue 6 - BYOV - Atelier

Kimiko is a poetic circus show that tells the tale of self discovery and reconciling generational trauma. Using a modern perspective on traditional Japanese arts, Kimiko explores the history of Japanese-Canadians and the relatable journey of discovering one’s cultural roots…


Venue 5 Club SAW

A hilarious autobiography of some gay girl from Toronto. “Part stand-up, part personal storytelling, Piccinin stands behind a mic and tells us her coming out stories (yes, there’s more than one). Sharply observed, tightly delivered—and finding laughter in the pain—for an entertaining and insightful, out and proud ride.” — Cate McKim, Life with More Cowbell…

May Be a Play

Venue 1 – Arts Court Theatre

With only 6 weeks to the Fringe Festival, a young actor has the rug pulled out from under her by her creative partner. Sidney Moon must come up with an idea for a Fringe Show in the 31 days of May ! She uses a video blog and her closest friend to work through the betrayal and come up with an idea. With any luck, there May Be a Play !

meSSeS: Solo circuS

Venue 2 – ODD Box

Winner of “Spirit of the Fringe” at the 2022 Elgin Fringe Festival, “meSSeS” is an evening-length solo circus-theatre-dance performance perfect for all ages! …