Bald Republic

Created by Corinne D’Arcy and Sébastien Cimpaye | Produced by Darcyproductions and Sébastien Cimpaye | Origin: Montreal, Canada and Ottawa, Canada
Arts Court Theatre
14+ fees

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Bald Republic is a political satire using extracts and concepts from literary works of Eugene Ionesco and James Joyce and inspired by theatre of the absurd and literary modernism.The play takes place in a political debate where things go extremely south.

Content Notes

People hit others heads and their own and there is much screaming as well as alarm noises. The whole play can be quite alienating.

A script sample is available for this show.

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  • Saturday, June 221:00PM
  • Sunday, June 2312:00PM
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Without taking any specific sides, we explore the absurdity of political debates.

We meet the chiefs – Denis, Justine, Vanya and Bertrand – who are willing to do anything to be proven right.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic show. The Joycian Recital had me at the edge of my seat. Brilliant.

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