About Access: If you have questions or suggestions regarding accessibility protocols while you’re at the festival, you can contact Emma (she/they). She is our Festival Producer and Front of House Coordinator. You can contact them by email ( or in person during the festival. She will respond to all questions within 48 hours.

About Tickets: Do you have questions about buying tickets or about the shows available this year? Please contact our box office: or by phone 613-232-6162 x 100.


Access Guide

This access guide we outline more details about what you can expect from the access features, how to buy a ticket, how to watch a show, definitions and so much more. For the access guide please click here. The access guide is a Google document. If you require alternative formats please contact Emma here.

Access Guide

Access at this year’s festival

This year at Ottawa Fringe we have several different ways to address your access needs. We have some things available on demand and others by request. We have defined different categories to help you pick the shows that will best meet your needs.

In Person Access:

Wheelchair & Scooter Accessibility

All of our venues are wheelchair accessible. For more information about how to get here, you can check out our access guide. Volunteers are available to assist with parking requests if you’d prefer not to use your wheelchair or scooter in the theatre

latecomers allowed icon Latecomers Allowed

These shows allow you to come into the show after it has started. Please check out the show page or ask the box office for details as to how late you can enter the show. Please note that this applies only to advanced ticket holders and you will be let in only after 7 minutes of the show.

attendant icon Attendant, Personal Support and Respite workers

We offer complimentary tickets to attendants, PSWs and Respite workers who are attending the festival with their clients. Please contact our box office to reserve your ticket by email

service dog icon Service Animals

We welcome all service animals in all our venues. If required there is some grass available at Arts Court in the courtyard on Nicolas and Daly or across the street in front of the Rideau Centre.

sensory backpack icon Sensory Backpacks

These are small kits have a few tools to support people with sensory processing needs. These tools can be used to calm and/or stimulate the senses. These kits have ear defenders and fidget toys.

scent free icon Scent Free

We have recently instituted a scent-free environment for our staff and visitors. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, and other scented products during your festival visit.

chill out space icon Chill out space

This space is available for you to use throughout the festival from February 7-17 in between shows. You are invited to sit, lie down, stretch, breathe, stim and relax in these spaces. The chill-out space is located between the ODD Box performance space and the Atelier theatre. There will be signage.

Assistive Listening

Select venues will have assistive listening available via the Listen Everywhere app. This is a free smartphone app that you can plug in your own earbuds into your own phone and listen in. This free service supports those who need the sound of the show amplified. Check back closer to the festival for more details.

Online Access:

transcript 3@3x icon Transcripts

The transcript or script of the show provides details about what the show will be like. If available, the shows will either  share a copy of their script, while others will have an outline. The transcripts are available for free through the online box office and are for personal use only. If a transcript is not available the show page will indicate this.

content notes icon Content Notes

Content notes provide more details about what to expect. These notes highlight elements of a performance that someone might want to know about to decide if this show is right for them, or to prepare them for seeing the show. These can include but are not limited to flashing lights, loud noises, violence, sexual violence, mental health themes etc. Notes will be available on each show’s webpage, as well as at the box office. To learn more about the content notes click here.

audio notes icon Audio Pre-show note

Shows that are Described will also have an audio note. These audio notes will tell you what the show is about, and provide some visual descriptions of the character(s) and set.

Accessible Show Categories

undercurrents shows can now be searched by their accessible category. Click on the drop down menu search bar on the show page here. If you want a plain text list for accessible shows click here for English or click here for French.

Accessible Show Listings

Chasse au Trésor

All performances are open captioned in English. The performance is in French.

  • February 15th at 8:00pm
  • February 16th at 8:00pm
  • February 17th at 6:00pm

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I Don’t Even Miss You

All performances are open captioned in English.

  • February 15th at 9:00pm
  • February 16th at 7:00pm
  • February 17th at 9:00pm

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ASL interpreted performance:

  • February 9th at 9:00pm

American Sign Language Performance

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All performances are open captioned. The performance is in French.

  • February 9th at 6:00pm
  • February 10th at 1:30pm
  • February 10th at 4:00pm

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Through My Lens

Described performance and/or storytelling.

ASL interpreted performance:

  • February 9th at 7:00pm

American Sign Language Performance described performance and/or storytelling

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All performances are open captioned. The performance is in French.

  • February 15th at 7:00pm
  • February 16th at 9:00pm
  • February 17th at 4:30pm

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