A Little Bit Ado About Nothing

Created by William Shakespeare (edited by Sarah Thuswaldner) | Produced by Dangerous Dames Theatre | Origin: Ottawa, Canada
La Nouvelle Scène – Studio B
14 + fees

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Shakespeare’s greatest comedy is at its shortest, snappiest, and silliest. Dangerous Dames Theatre takes on the Bard with no regard for literature, history, or common sense.

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A transcript and an extended content note will be available for this show. All performances of this show are masked.

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  • Thursday, June 138:30PM
  • Friday, June 147:00PM
  • Saturday, June 153:30PM
  • Sunday, June 165:00PM
  • Tuesday, June 188:30PM
  • Thursday, June 208:30PM
  • Saturday, June 223:30PM
  • Sunday, June 235:00PM
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Can true love win over bickering? Should we have cast more than four actors? Is Shakespeare turning in his grave? Some of these questions will be answered in this madcap variation on an enduring classic.

Photo credit: STC 22304 title page, Folger Shakespeare Library.

6 responses to “A Little Bit Ado About Nothing

  1. Such a great show, so much fun. If you like funny, upbeat, and light-hearted comedy this is for you. Cannot recommend enough, already bought a second ticket.

  2. This was the most fun adaptation of Shakespeare I’ve seen in over 20 years.

    Succinct, hilarious, and just enough anachronistic language to pull you out of the linguistic current at the right time.

    Absolutely loved it.

  3. This prestissimo Shakespearean comedy has so many jokes there are extras in the footnotes. Yes, footnotes. The footnotes don’t cite or explain; they just allow for more jokes. “A Little Bit Ado” runs 50 minutes with 4.1 actors (“Much Ado” normally 2.5 hours with 19 parts of more than 10 lines) and they even make time for the romance between Beatrice and Benedick. So, in short–pun deliberate–all the fun in half the time. All the boring bits are gone.

    The staging is inventive, the pace is as quick as the wit, the cast is talented, the text is as respectful to the Bard as is warranted, and all else is irreverence. There’s an in-joke or two for Shakespeare nerds, but this is as accessible a piece of Elizabethean theatre as any either you or I have ever seen.

    You should see this or regret later that you missed it. I’ve got my next pair of tickets already.

  4. There’s no need to fear Shakespeare with this adaptation of Much Ado! Fast-paced, fun, cleverly staged, and the actors knocked all of their characters out of the park. Highly recommended.

  5. Spicy slice of fun and wit! Who doesn’t love revisiting the triple B: Bea, Ben and bickering? Great seeing the chemistry and banter with modern interjection and riffs. I am loving seeing Dangeous Dames at the Fringe!

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