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Atelier Theatre

Kimiko is a poetic circus show that tells the tale of self discovery and reconciling generational trauma. Using a modern perspective on traditional Japanese arts, Kimiko explores the history of Japanese-Canadians and the relatable journey of discovering one’s cultural roots…


A hilarious autobiography of some gay girl from Toronto. “Part stand-up, part personal storytelling, Piccinin stands behind a mic and tells us her coming out stories (yes, there’s more than one). Sharply observed, tightly delivered—and finding laughter in the pain—for an entertaining and insightful, out and proud ride.” — Cate McKim, Life with More Cowbell…

May Be a Play

Arts Court Theatre

With only 6 weeks to the Fringe Festival, a young actor has the rug pulled out from under her by her creative partner. Sidney Moon must come up with an idea for a Fringe Show in the 31 days of May ! She uses a video blog and her closest friend to work through the betrayal and come up with an idea. With any luck, there May Be a Play !

meSSeS: Solo circuS


Winner of “Spirit of the Fringe” at the 2022 Elgin Fringe Festival, “meSSeS” is an evening-length solo circus-theatre-dance performance perfect for all ages! …

Moonroe’s Happy Hour

★★ Marilyn Moonroe invites you to her variety happy hour – a zany cabaret overflowing with circus acts, musical numbers and comedic capers. Presented by an eccentric cast of characters, this is a wild and whimsical hour not to be missed! ★★…

muse: an experiment in storytelling and life drawing


Join Fringe favourite Cameryn Moore for her stories from the streets and art studios of Berlin, in an unforgettable, interactive, and truly creative experience. Sketch, watch, listen, ask questions… what will you discover? Free drawing materials while supplies last, or bring your own…


Does your clubbing experience need more theatre, comedy, and choreographed numbers? Then Nuit is the spot for you! Follow four queer women as they stumble and sing their way through a night out: the cycle of partying on full, messy display, bright lights, funky moves, deep talks, and hilarious pitstops showcase themes of friendship and identity. Get ready for a night you’ll never remember!

Oh Boy!

Arts Court Theatre

There are those who fall away, and far away, find a way. And there are those like the boy we see today at 9:30 AM at Colonel Arvin’s Family Style Restaurant and Dance Hall in Ingersoll, Ontario – population 13,693. Here today, here there, here everywhere…


Arts Court Theatre

Following a distressing call from the RCMP, one person has to dance, frolic, and downward dog away the existential dread… at least until morning…


PERKY is a one-act comedy about a nineteen-year-old girl on the hunt for her first orgasm. Perky gets lost in the maze of her mind, far beyond her childhood bedroom, and is led on a wild-goose chase by her new and mysterious(ly sexy) imaginary friend, the Fantasy Lesbian. Pick your jaw up off the floor, you’ll need it for later… you know… for sex stuff.


☑️ Ear protection.

☑️Comfortable shoes.

☑️ Inhaler.

Join party clowns DJ Karen + VJ Sharon as they guide you through rave culture and the party scene. This show is a rave – get ready to dance with your RAVEMOMS!