Created by Victoria Watson Sepejak | Produced by Victoria Watson Sepejak | Origin: Toronto, Canada
DARC Microcinema
14 + fees

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Taking place at the most unpopular kissing booth to ever bless the earth – ANGEL, BABY is Victoria’s second solo show and a continuation of their award-winning immersive solo show POEMS FOR GOD (“Best Solo Show”, “Fringe of the Fringe”)!


Content Notes

ANGEL, BABY may include Audience participation, Flashing lights, Mature language, Sexual content, Abrupt loud noise, Mental Health, Discussions of Sexual Assault

There will be elements of improv in the show, so anything is possible! Folks should be comfortable with the unknown!

Masked are required for all performances at the DARC Microcinema.


  • Thursday, June 138:00PM
  • Saturday, June 159:00PM
  • Sunday, June 164:30PM
  • Wednesday, June 198:30PM
  • Thursday, June 206:00PM
  • Friday, June 2110:30PM
  • Saturday, June 223:00PM
  • Sunday, June 233:30PM
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Join Toronto-based comedian, Victoria Watson Sepejak, as they explore divine prettiness, love, and war through their (mostly) silent, physical absurdity. Emerging out of Toronto’s #1 alternative clown incubator, Sweet Action Theatre, Victoria creates “powerful, point-of-view stuff, delivered full throttle on the knife edge of humor and horror,” (Orlando Sentinel).

10 responses to “ANGEL, BABY

  1. I applaud the effort, but it needs work. There wasn’t much of a connecting thread to tie it all together. Very random skits.

  2. Such a charismatic performer and show! Honestly one of my favourite so far. If you’re down for silly goofy times, you gotta go down to this booth!

  3. Angel, Baby had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Hands down one of the funniest shows i’ve seen in a long time – it’s a must see at fringe!

  4. I loved everything about ANGEL, BABY. I went into the show not knowing what to expect, and if you’re the same boat then let me tell you this: expect to have a good time. Victoria had me laughing non-stop, whether that was through hilarious mime, surprising skits, energetic singing, cheeky poetry, simple palette cleansers, or even just changing to a new slide on the projector. Victoria uses the DARC Microcinema to its utmost potential, and in ways I didn’t think possible.

  5. Angel, baby is an absolutely brilliant piece of clown theatre. I saw it and could not stop thinking about it for days after. I found myself laughing so hard i nearly fell out of my chair. Victoria is such a skilled performer that they seemingly know exactly how the audience will respond before we’ve even responded creating even more laughs! Each section of the show is tightly fit together and surprised me each time something new happened in the best way possible. Victoria is so good at what they do that the subtlest of movements had me absolutely dying. The silences are perfectly placed, the physical comedy is hilarious, and the audience participation is very well-handled! I will be seeing it again this week and have told everyone who will listen (and even those who won’t) to go see this show IMMEDIATELY!!! Cancel all plans to make time for this one, you will not regret it.

  6. I applaud the effort – it’s a fantastic work of left-field comedy, subversive and daring, very interactive yet refreshingly never makes the audience the butt of the joke.

    Exploring the concept of kissing booths as a vehicle for their audacious comedy, Victoria gives a charismatic and deeply funny performance as the skits turn increasingly bizarre and extreme – despite this, there is a cohesion and thematic completeness to what’s could otherwise seem like a bunch of random skits if one didn’t pay attention.

    There are things here I have never seen an actor attempt, things that could derail the entire show, and yet Victoria maintains control with a comic charm and commitment to their character that keeps the unscripted moments compelling.

    There is a certain awe to watching such a great actor take big risks with the audience, Iike the theatrical equivalent of juggling fire. Shows like this make Fringe Fringe, Definitely recommended!

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