Boys’ Club

Created by Veronica Simpson, Laura Donaldson and Elise McGrenera | Produced by Boys' Club Tap Dance Collective | Origin: Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver
Arts Court Theatre
14 + fees

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Boys’ Club is an exploration of femininity, the male gaze, and experiences of womanhood throughout time and tap dance.

Content Notes

There is tap dance combined with music throughout the show, but no abrupt loud noises.

An extended content note is available for this show. This show uses open captions for all spoken words. 

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  • Thursday, June 136:00PM
  • Saturday, June 159:00PM
  • Sunday, June 162:30PM
  • Tuesday, June 188:00PM
  • Friday, June 2110:30PM
  • Sunday, June 236:00PM
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The work delves into personal reflections of power dynamics and themes that demonstrate the multi-facets in which women are perceived in the world today. With music by women in jazz, the piece is an expression of our individual stories as we relate to those who came before us.

11 responses to “Boys’ Club

  1. Such an incredible show, I can’t believe that tap dancing could make me cry a little! The technical elements also complimented the talents of the performers. I would highly recommend, it’s a beautiful experience!!!

  2. Incredibly talented performers, complex choreography, very energetic and really wows. Also, quite emotional and poignant. A good most ages show if your kids like dance, nothing not family friendly in it. Highly recommended and very different from the other shows I have seen this year.

  3. A stunningly sharp show. The choreography is nuanced and beautiful, the dancers are incredibly capable and talented. A beautiful tribute to Black music, dance and art. One of the most gripping shows I have seen at fringe this year.

  4. This show is hypnotic — the hour will just fly by.
    How much did I like it? I saw it twice and brought friends the second time.
    One of the best shows you will see at Fringe this year!

  5. Extraordinary talent in these 3 Canadian tappers……even one originally from Ottawa!
    Thoughtful, spirited, engaging, and truly world class tapping. An absolute must see!

  6. I could barely keep my feet from moving! I loved this performance for its artistry, variety, profundity. A very moving experience (excuse the pun).

  7. This is an outstanding show: expressive, beguiling, vibrant, and beautifully performed to a captivating playlist. I could have watched the three dancers all night. Bravo!

  8. Run, don’t walk (or tap!) to this brilliant show.

    Mind blown.

    These performers are brilliant communicators and I was on the edge of my seat, in awe throughout. If you thought you knew tap dancing, you don’t. This show transcends its medium in that way that you simultaneously know you are seeing tap-dancing but actually seeing all the shades of humanity.

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