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The Williams Family Reunion

Arts Court Theatre

Welcome to the Annual Williams Family Reunion! Join in our musical celebration full of family & fun…EXCEPT Liam Williams, who is FORBIDDEN from this event. Liam, You KNOW what you did.


La Nouvelle Scène – Studio A

Five tight-knit friends celebrate their graduation at a campsite, and toast to promising futures. They swear to stay connected & commit to reuniting here every year — three years later, they finally reconvene and things are…



Dockery’s funniest show yet. A brand new, subversive, & outrageous story about our most endangered commodity: truth.

UNSUNG: The Accidental Villains of History

Arts Court Theatre

The original musical, UNSUNG: The Accidental Villains of History, introduces the characters who unknowingly set the stage for some of the world’s biggest disasters, all while delivering catchy tunes and witty humour.



Join two Australian actors trapped in a car traveling through the outback while recapping hilarious tales of misadventure, success and failure from decades of touring.

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