6 Quick Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow Investigation

Tim Motley

From 8 time Fringe Fest Award Winning Magician Tim Motley, 
creator of 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick…

★★★★★ “Spellbound.” – Australian Stage.

A mind blowing mentalist collides with thrilling danger in an ALL NEW nail-biting film-noir murder mystery adventure. Featuring unbelievable magic tricks to confound the senses and a rapid fire comedy to fracture the funny bone, this hilarious psychic detective with the winning smile puts on a killer show… literally.

★★★★★ “Incredible mental abilities” -Edmonton Journal

★★★★★ “Dry wit and slick delivery” -Vancouver Sun

“A mind blowing mentalist show. Perfectly executed.” – The Revue

Ottawa Winner: “FUNNIEST SHOW”, London Fringe Festival Winner: “BEST OF FEST” Edmonton Fringe Festival Winner: “PICK OF THE FRINGE” -Victoria Fringe Festival Winner: “PATRON’S PICK”, Winnipeg Fringe Festival Winner: “CRITIC’S PICK” Cincy Fringe Festival


Lorne Elliott

A BETTER PLAY THAN HAMLET is the keynote speech about Shakespeare’s play by a professor who, like the subject of his discourse, may or may not be going insane.

Written by LORNE ELLIOTT, performed by RICK COUSINS.

Lorne Elliott is unable to attend this year’s Ottawa Fringe in person, but has found a logical choice to play the part of a possibly insane professor–Rick Cousins, the fringiest member of the fringes of Ottawa’s fringe scene. “Typecasting,” says Rick. “You owe me one, buddy,” says Lorne. “Touché,” Rick replies, “Think anyone’ll notice the difference between a Canadian celebrity like you and a nobody like me?” “If they don’t, they’d have to be blind and deaf,” is Lorne’s all-too-honest answer. “So the secret is to keep the lights down low and hand out earplugs at the door…?” asks Rick. Lorne’s reply to THAT cannot be printed here.

AL Connors: DJ Detective

AL Connors

Every party has a secret. This information may not even be known by those in the room. It’s my job to figure it out. Which song will get the party started?

In this live DJ’d show, I reveal every trick I’ve learned in my 20-year career on how to read a room and get people dancing. And, along the way, I’ll relate some of the highs and lows of playing music for money.


BALLS – je suis un vidéoclip

Marie-Eve Fortier

Sexe, voyages et culture pop, un monologue théâtral de 50 minutes sous forme de tableaux éclectiques. BALLS – Je suis un vidéoclip. Ce sont les conséquences d’une histoire d’amour qui a mal viré. Ce sont les illusions qu’on aimerait garder mais qui s’échappent. C’est le sexe. L’idée qu’on s’en fait. L’idée qu’on en veut. L’idée qu’on en a. C’est la fille moderne, gavée de culture pop et d’envies de plaire. C’est la route qu’on finit par perdre à un moment.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” – Thomas Jefferson.

BALLS, c’est comment Pidge V. a fait pousser les siennes en enfilant son back pack. Je suis un vidéoclip, c’est une duck face, cheveux au vent devant les hélices d’un ventilateur, pop, coloré et twerky. Ce sont les ballounes de-ce-que-tu-crois-avoir-besoin qui explosent à côté de l’oreille. C’est un chantier de reconstruction, un terrain de jeux de questionnements et de réflexions, à la rescousse d’un plaisir perdu. C’est l’appel au changement; tu t’affrontes ou tu te consumes. La toute première performance a être présenté à la Marquise de la Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins.

ÉQUIPE DE CRÉATION Marie-Eve Fortier, Julie Grethen, Benoit Roy, Mathieu Charette et autres artistes à confirmer.

Patrons will need to climb a ladder to access this venue. This venue could possibly be quite hot, however fans will be in operation and patrons will be provided with cool liquids.


Bless You, Bonaparte

Ryan Borochovitz

Could a common cold really have changed the course of history? At the 1812 Battle of Borodino, Napoleon has a lot on his mind while trying defeat the Russians. If only he could stop sneezing! Soon he must seek help from the unlikeliest of places: his loyal (but bumbling) valet, Claude Pagaille. Join our reluctant hero in this hilarious blast from the distant past.