TWENTY is plenty

Twenty years in, it’s been a huge success: the Ottawa Fringe has grown from a scrappy volunteer-run outfit to one of the most successful arts organizations in the region, producing Ottawa’s largest annual theatre festival and the winter undercurrents: theatre below the mainstream fest; supporting new work by local artists through creation grants and the under development program; mentoring Ottawa’s emerging and new generation artists; and managing the Arts Court Theatre spaces 365 days a year.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re looking to you – our audience, patrons, and friends – to help keep the Fringe in Ottawa going (and growing) strong for another twenty years.

A one-time or monthly donation of $20 doesn’t just support the Fringe – it supports the hundreds of playwrights, directors, actors, designers, stage managers, technicians, students, and volunteers who participate in our programs each year; it supports our mission of keeping art accessible to all, regardless of age, experience, or income; and it supports your community, ensuring Ottawa remains a vibrant cultural centre and helping keep local artists local.

And as a registered charity (no. 897771721RR0001), not only will your donation earn you our unending gratitude and the knowledge you’re supporting something special, but you’ll get a tax receipt to boot!

Since 1997 we have put more than $1.6 million into the pockets of independent artists, an impressive amount, without a doubt. Your generous donation will help us push that number even higher.

Twenty is plenty

→ A one-off or monthly donation

This can be done online any time of the year.

Tax receipts are issued upon request.

Check out our current donors below.

become a member


Individuals, groups and businesses can become Ottawa Fringe members annually for $15-35. Members join a circle of producers and creators with year-round access to special resources and a Fringe pin.

Tip the fringe!

This one’s easy.

When buying tickets online, there’s an option to top-up your purchase with a gift.

Donations greater than $10 receive a tax receipt in the mail.



On closing night, five of the Festival’s top-selling shows will give encore performances.

These are Fringe fundraisers with proceeds split 50-50 between the artists and the Festival.

Volunteer for the Fringe


Get in touch if you can lend a hand.

Ottawa Fringe runs a venue 365 days of the year and produces a winter festival, too.

Buy $5 raffle tickets


You’ll have to buy these in person at the festival in June — ask your nearest Fringe volunteer “where?”.


Every donor is issued a tax receipt.

“First Kiss” ($10+)
Recognition online and a tax receipt for the full amount.
“Fringe Fling” ($25+)
As with First Kiss, plus recognition in print program.
“Sweethearts” ($50+)
As with Fringe Fling, plus your print program and Fringe Pin in the mail.
“Going Steady” ($100+)
A tax receipt for the full amount OR
As with Sweethearts, plus:
– Two (2) Fringe Encore tickets
– Tax receipt for full amount less $30*
“Bosom Buddies” ($250+)
A tax receipt for the full amount OR
As with Going Steady, plus:
– Two (2) more Fringe Encore tickets
– Two (2) opening night tickets to the undercurrents festival
– Tax receipt for full amount less $100*
“Soul Mates” ($500+)
A tax receipt for the full amount OR
As with Bosom Buddies, plus:
– One (1) undercurrents festival pass
– Tax receipt for full amount less $175*

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The Ottawa Fringe Festival is a charitable non-profit with a mandate to provide a stage for the performing arts that is as accessible to artists as it is for audiences. We rely on grants, members and donors to support this endeavour. A festival with no curator and where 100% of ticket sales go directly to the artists. We are deeply grateful to the following individuals for their contributions.


OUR ONE TRUE LOVE:  This year’s top donor, Chun Chang & Ciena.

Chun Chang & Ciena
Neil Walsh
Greggory Clark
Josh McJannett & Dominion City Brewing Co.
Kate Stuparyk
Rachel Eugster & Dr. Jay Baltz
John Kirkwood
Charles McEwen
Ian McLeod
Janet Campbell
Ken King
Kirkland Shannon
Marisa Victor*
Melisa Gruber
Patrick Gauthier
Wilma Di Gaetano
Rebecca Aird in honour of Rowan Aird
Rowena Hall
Stefani Di Gaetano
Vivian Lee
Wilma Di Gaetano

*indicates our valued monthly donors

Anne Reitbauer
Barb Popel
Cynthia Sanoy
David Flemming
Deanna Vecchiarelli
Feliks Welfeld
Guy Young
Julie Gregory
Loretta Bonet
Louise Steeves
Margo MacDonald
Mark Glassford
Nicole Deschesne
Patricia Page
Susan Padmos
Anonymous x 3
Conan Moore
Dexter Bishop
Gladys Carrilo
Jackie Frobel
Janet Luloff
Janet Pantalone
Joanne McManus
Jospeh Calamari
Kevin Matthews
Laila Monette
Marilyn Meikle
Marian Power
Maureen Amey
Pat O’Brien
Robert Fairfull Smith
Ralph Osterwoldt
Terry Cullinan
Alexander J. Gillespie
Alexander Walshe-Nelson
Alexandra Baird
Alice & Daniel Tupling
Andre Jacob
Andrei Klappholz
Andrew Arcand
Angela Boychuk
Angela Holmes
Ann Speak
Anne Brochu
Anne Reitbauer
Annie Ng
Anonymous x 11
Ashlee Beattie
Ashley Cabecinha
Aviva Ben-Choreen
Bill Dickey
Byrne Ferris
Cassandra Boville
Charles Crenna
Charles Miles
Cheryl Conrad
Cynthia Sanoy
Dana Daley
Daniel Rousseau
Darlene Rudolph
David Brooks
Deborah Wright
Derek Thompson
Dwayne Hodgson
Ellen McLeod
Eric Foisy
Fiona Murray
Gail Casselman
Gail Fenderson
Glynis Ellens
Hieu Nguyen
Danielle Savoie
Irene Kozminski
Claude Myre-Bisailon
Irina Petrova
Jacqui Schofield
James White
Jane Armstrong
Janet Campbell
Janice Tait
Jason Blechta
Jason Dai
Jay Lymer
Jennifer De Bruyn
Jennifer Spratt
Joan M Fisher
Joan Sun
Joanne McManus
John Sloat
Jolanta Zhuk
Judith Haney
Justine De Jaegher
Karen Cook
Karine Bertrand
Katherine Bemben
Keir Cutler
Kendall Lee Mantha
Leslie French
Lillian Chow
Lorna Tener
Lorraine Cormier
Lucie Gilchrist
Lynda Joyce
Lynne Robichaud
Malgorzata Samborski
Marina Jones
Meredith Burton
Michael Disalvo
Moya Malone
Ms. Michelle Fields
Murielle Cassidy
Nathasha Josselyn
Neil Martin
Nicole Milne
Noor Chamberlain
Nora Lee
Noreen Walsh
Nour Hannawi
Olga Shuvalova
Oscar Chamberlain
Ottawa Ontario Real Estate
Ottawa Property Listings
Pam Allen
Pat Caven
Pat McGrail
Patricia Trueman
Penelope Simons
Peter Devitt
Peter Victor
Pierre Simpson
Prem & Tim Grainger
Randy Mason
Reena Belford-Schilder
Robin Barker
Roxana Barcelo-Singh
Ryan Noon
Samuel Grummett
Seamus McManus
Shannon Clarke
Simon Good
Sonya L Howard
Stephen La Salle
Steve Bennetts
Suzanne Chouinard
The Wilson Team
Trish Lucy
Umberto Guistiniani
V. Santos-Pedro
Vicki Meyouhas
Victoria Walker
Wendy McPeake
Wendy Wagner
William Beddoe

Our super kind in-kind donors! These special folks have made very useful donations. All sorts of stuff, such as bar fridges, raffle prizes, creative services, catering a meal for volunteers… You’d think love and money is enough to run the Ottawa Fringe Festival but sometimes we just need STUFF. Many of these donors have been so kind as to billet a touring artist.

Alex Suha
Alexander G. M. Smith
Alison Place
Amelia Buchanan & Fabien Ancelin
Andrew Arcand & Eric Goodwin
Andrew Banks
Angela Pelly
Anna Robotham & Alana Beddoe
Anne Martel
Ashey Rissler
Austin Baker
Bonnie Penfold
Brian Carroll & Barb Popel
Bridget Grounds & Charlie Brady
Catriona Leger
Charles Black & Timah Black-Geisterfer
Chris Mantil
Cody Campanale
Cory Thibert
Craig Conoley
David & Melanie Brown
Dean Verger
Emily Brown
Emily Carvell & Madeleine Hall
Emily Pearlman
Éric Baril
Gabriel Marchand-Hébert
James & Sonya Rawlings
Jane Ellens & Dan Pearlman
Joel MacKenzie
John Newton
Kathryn Racine
Keir Cutler
Lawrence Springstead
Lévy L Marquis
Liz Bolton
Luca Fiore
Maria Somjen & Michael Allen
Mrs. Joan Wilkes
Nancy Kenny
Pascal Huot
Patrice & Ted Forbes
Paula Kelsall
Peter McKinnon & Maryann van Buuren
Ray Besharah
Rebecca Laviolette
Rick & Alison Cousins
Ron Crooks
Sandy Wynne
Sheila Smail
A Company of Fools
Bear & Company
Black Sheep Theatre
Brett Kelly Entertainment
CF Rideau Centre
Clocktower Brew Pub
Courtyard Restaurant
Dominion City Brewing Co.
Eddie May Mysteries
Fresh Meat: DIY Theatre Fest
Giant Tiger
Holtz Spa
indie women productions
Mamma Grazzi’s Kitchen
Metro Grocers
NAC English Theatre
Odyssey Theatre
Pizza Pizza
Plosive Productions
Pure Gelato
Rag n Bone
Santé Restaurant
Seed to Sausage General Store
Smoke’s Poutinerie
St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival
Stella Luna
The Albion Rooms
The Fish Market
Storm Internet
Suzy Q
The Drake Hotel
The Ghomeshi Effect
The Grand Hotel
Theatre Kraken
Three Sisters Theatre
VIA Rail
West Jet
Whole Foods