Physical Theatre

Generic Male: Just What We Need, Another Show About Men

Darren Stevenson, Ashley Jones


Explosive, athletic, visceral physical theatre ruined by a tragic lack of understanding! Twice listed as “Best of the Fest”, and winning Critics Choice “Best Show” at Orlando Fringe Festival. PUSH Physical Theatre creates a masculinity satire by two well-meaning fools. They argue, dance and desperately cling to the status-quo.

“Generic Male” begins a serious journey with a comically absurd premise: Men apologizing for the masculinity show you’re about to see. Hilarious hijinks ensue as they examine the thoughts and assumptions that go unquestioned until they are spoken aloud. It’s about fathers and sons, war and death, and… James Bond. We hope it will empower people to speak up and begin to have the conversation that our characters can’t quite seem to engage in.

Are we watching a couple of petty idiots or is this the most insightful piece of theatre of the 21st century? …No

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