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WHEN HARRY MET HARRY flaming locomotive productions Perth, Australia by Allan Girod 55 mins | Comedy, Physical | General $10 2010 WINNER – BEST OF FEST WINNIPEG Have you met Harry? He lives for routine. How will he cope when Mr Herbert, screeching tyres and an overly positive personal coach intervene? Exquisite movement, exaggerated… Read More

15 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 8: The Walk

by Patrick Gauthier

June 8, 2011

THE WALK Moon Dog Theatre Ottawa, Canada by Catherine Cunningham-Huston 60 mins | Drama | Mature $10 A neurotic writer, a quirky nun, and an out-of-work film director discover that writing a play about sex trafficking is no cakewalk! They are haunted by the stories of the trafficked women. Then there’s the Nigerian CELESTINE,… Read More

15 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 7: Canuck Cabaret

by Patrick Gauthier

June 7, 2011

CANUCK CABARET Prairie Fire Presents Toronto, Canada by Sharon Nowlan and Paul Hutcheson 60 mins | Comedy, Variety | PG $10 Fringe veterans Paul Hutcheson (On Second Thought, Ottawa Best of Fest 2009) and Sharon Nowlan (Burlesque Unzipped, Ottawa Best of Fest 2010) have combined their talents to bring you a sexy, hilarious, canadian-themed thrill… Read More

15 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 6: Momma’s Boy

by Patrick Gauthier

June 6, 2011

MOMMA’S BOY Ottawa, Canada By Eleanor Crowder 55 Minutes $10 City boy falls for the North in the person of a flame-haired beauty. She longs to fly south. What do Momma and the goat shed have to do with it? Everything–just listen to the music. The latest play from Ottawa’s most exciting playwright stars… Read More

OPEN BAR: THE MUSICAL Go Fly A Kite Productions Ottawa, Canada by Betty-Jane Horton and Bryan Cook 55 mins | Musical Comedy | General $10 Everyone loves a wedding, especially when it’s Open Bar! So did married couple Kim and Dave before wedding party duties and unforeseen dilemmas take their toll leading them to… Read More

EX’S & OH’S Piece o’ Pie Productions Ottawa, Canada by Vince Leblanc-Beaudoin, Fiona Green, Jessie Trevenna 60 mins | Comedy | R $10 Ex. Sex. Text. Sext? Next! Mate. Australia. Date. Dump. Fate. Bait. Bite. OUCH! Dolphin. Lick. Spank. Suck. Fuck. Airplane. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss! Pokémon. Miss. Mark. Dark. Flirt. Bra. Rub. Hug. Hairball. Love…. Read More

RARA!: AND TEH BOIFREND THAT BR3KED HER HEART UP One Suspect Butterfly Ottawa, Canada by Matthews James Donovan 55 mins | Musical Comedy, Solo Show | R $10 Despite suffering a massive pulmonary and cardiac seizure last Friday night, the super pop sensation RaRa has decided to go on with her tour! And tonight,… Read More

SOUNDS FROM THE TURTLE SHELL May Can Theatre Ottawa, Canada by Cory Thibert, Tony Adams Facebook: May Can Theatre 50 mins | Comedy, Drama | Mature $10 A comedy with a hint of charm, this ‘Reject Musical’ focuses on the friendship between two musicians as they prepare to play a show. Through their preperation they… Read More

Ottawa Fringe Announces Line-up

by Patrick Gauthier

June 1, 2011

by JESSICA SMITH METRO OTTAWA Published: June 01, 2011 5:31 a.m. The lineup of the 15th Ottawa Fringe Festival features plays as eclectic as ever, from traditional Shakespeare to off-beat, off-colour, truly “fringe” performances. Just introducing a selection of plays on Tuesday, organizer Kelly Rigole got a little risqué. “This is just a teaser, enough… Read More