15 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 4: eX’s & Oh’s

Piece o’ Pie Productions
Ottawa, Canada
by Vince Leblanc-Beaudoin, Fiona Green, Jessie Trevenna

60 mins | Comedy | R
Ex. Sex. Text. Sext? Next! Mate. Australia. Date. Dump. Fate. Bait. Bite. OUCH! Dolphin. Lick. Spank. Suck. Fuck. Airplane. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss! Pokémon. Miss. Mark. Dark. Flirt. Bra. Rub. Hug. Hairball. Love. SLAP! Late. Intrauterine. Night. Hot. Fight. Thought. Touch. Trust. Threeway! YAY! Thrust. Lust. Stop. Hangover. Come. Go. Wow! Whoa! Yes. No. Yes. Yes. YES. OHHHHHHHHH!

Enjoy. The. Show. Venue 3 – SAW Gallery

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