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Volunteers are Lifeblood of Ottawa Fringe

by Patrick Gauthier

June 16, 2011

JEN TRAPLIN METRO OTTAWA June 16, 2011 The Ottawa Fringe Festival is a festival like no other. For starters, it’s not based on just one art form, but brings together all sorts of different performers from all levels of artistic backgrounds. And 100 per cent of the box office revenue goes directly to those artists,… Read More

ROLLER DERBY SAVED MY SOUL Broken Turtle Productions Ottawa, Canada by Nancy Kenny 45 mins | Comedy | PG $10 Sibling rivalry, self-help books and misplaced superhero worship: one woman just wants to save the world one hip-check at a time. A new comedy written and performed by Nancy Kenny (Best in Venue/Outstanding Performance… Read More

Interview: Playing Dead, by Dead Unicorn Ink

by Ottawa Fringe

June 15, 2011

It’s been hard to connect with Mike Doiron, the voice of Dead Unicorn Ink, to do the interview about their zombie puppet show, Playing Dead; our cell phone calls keep getting dropped. I figure it out when we reconnect: “We’re in Cafe Alt,” says Mike, the static already building up in the call, “but don’t… Read More

15 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 14: Am I Blue

by Patrick Gauthier

June 14, 2011

AM I BLUE New York, USA By Elizabeth Blue 50 Minutes New York City crowd-favorite Elizabeth Blue takes you on the hilarious journey of what finding oneself actually looks like. Fearless and risky… unafraid to test audiences – Last night, I fell in love with Blue. Hilarious… contains everything a solo performance… Read More

Interview: The Walk, Moon Dog Theatre

by Ottawa Fringe

June 14, 2011

It’s been said that the fringe provides an excellent launch pad for shows looking for an audience. Watching a rehearsal of Moon Dog Theatre’s The Walk, and you might think they’re already in orbit. Three years in the making, a cast of eight and several workshop productions under their belt, the show tackles the emotionally-charged… Read More

EINSTEIN’S BICYCLE Fractual Theatre Company Ottawa, Canada by Lorne Williams 60 mins | Sci-fi Comedy | PG $10 Jump on board for six quirky comedies by Lorne Williams, directed by five-star fringe director, Alison Cousins. What’s the proper beer to celebrate a moon landing? Why are Lois Lane and Clark Kent parked in an Oldsmobile… Read More

Interview: Pick Your Path, Garkin Productions

by Ottawa Fringe

June 13, 2011

It’s just under a week before the opening night of the Fringe and I meet up with the cast of Pick Your Path at an evening rehearsal. The room they’re in is filled with props: everything from a nerf battle-axe, plastic flowers, sock puppets and a pair of delivery pizza boxes which I’m not one… Read More

15 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 12: Five Lies

by Patrick Gauthier

June 12, 2011

FIVE LIES Moonlight Productions Ottawa, Canada by Edith Bramwell 80 mins | Comedy | PG $10 We all depend on white lies, fibs and half-truths. For suicidal Mark, that’s about to change. When Phyllis offers him a life-saving deal – he can only lie five times for the rest of his life, but he’ll… Read More

15 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 11: Falling Open

by Patrick Gauthier

June 11, 2011

FALLING OPEN Emergence Productions Ottawa, Canada by Luna Allison 70 mins | Storytelling, Drama | Mature $10 Falling Open is a one-woman show about sexual abuse performed by a living doll in the intimate setting of a real bedroom. Part oracle and part storyteller, Doll invites the characters of abuser and abused into her… Read More

15 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 10: Complex Numbers

by Patrick Gauthier

June 10, 2011

COMPLEX NUMBERS Silent QUEMB Productions Ottawa, Canada by Nadine Thornhill 60 mins | Comedy | Mature $10 written by Nadine Thornhill directed by Ken Godmere As a mathematician, Fiona knows how to find answers for complicated problems…except when it comes to her relationships. As she tries to solve the equation of first dates +… Read More