15 Days of Fringe Previews – Day 1: Something with Virgins and Chainsaws

The 2011 Ottawa Fringe Festival launched today!  And as in past years we’re going to celebrate by presenting previews of 2011 Fringe productions in the days leading up to the festival.  And since 2011 is the Fringe’s fifteenth birthday, we’ll be posting fifteen previews between now and opening day of the festival on June 16.

Fifteen days to Fringe!

Insensitivity Training
Ottawa, Canada
by Insensitivity Training
50 mins | Comedy | PG

Ever wonder if you would survive a scary movie? Our suggestion: IMPROVISE! Step into the unpredictable world of improv comedy; this show has no script, no set and no limits. Drawing inspiration from horror/thiller movies like Grindhouse and Frankenstein, the cast will create a completely improvised horror-comedy using suggestions from the audience. You’ll pee your pants then laugh them off. BYOV-E The IT Hall

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