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La Nouvelle Scène – Studio B

Combining Aestheticism with Athleticism, an artistic tour-de-force that asks, “What is Theatre?” as only multiple #CanadianComedyAward Nominee Isaac Kessler can.

A Little Bit Much


Chela Davison dishes the dirt about a life filled with ideas, jokes, sex, drugs, travel,
hairdressing, dating, marriage, kids, coaching and relentless personal growth.

A One Woman Titanic Parody in 59 Minutes or Less

La Nouvelle Scène – Studio A

It’s been 84 years … or at least 26 since Titanic first hit theaters! Your heart will go on an adventure as you watch actor, and actual Titanic historian, Katie Thayer (Beneath the Bikini 2019) perform the 3 hour 14 minute blockbuster… by herself… in 59 Minutes or Less!

Adonis and the Gods at War

La Nouvelle Scène – Studio B

How do you love a god? Wholly, completely, and without regard for the future. But after seventeen years of living amongst the Gods, Adonis starts to wonder if he wants more from life than to be a spoil of war. This retelling of the myth of Adonis and Aphrodite weaves a powerful story about power, choice, and agency.


DARC Microcinema

Taking place at the most unpopular kissing booth to ever bless the earth – ANGEL, BABY is Victoria’s second solo show and a continuation of their award-winning immersive solo show POEMS FOR GOD (“Best Solo Show”, “Fringe of the Fringe”)!


Cabaret of Murder

Atelier Theatre

John Wayne Gacy. Ted Bundy. Dennis Rader. Charles Manson. What do all of these people have in common? ART! … and also murder. But mostly art. Painting, poetry, music, and even plays.

Three powerhouse women combine humour with terror as they present works of art made by serial killers.

Cancelled: Persephone


Persephone, influenced from the Greek legend, starts with a clever duo dance conjures up images of mythical creatures, morphing from one to the other.


Arts Court Theatre

Trapped in the mundane world of dry comedy and door-to-door salesmanship, Cornflake is an experimental comedic drama about a bird and a rat living in a world where one must forget and where one must stay exactly the same.

Escape From Ottawa

Atelier Theatre

It’s 1997, the future. Ottawa is now a prison. Snake Plisskin must ESCAPE FROM OTTAWA to clear their record, and if they feel like it, save the world. From the creators of “Bedwetter” and “Kitt & Jane” comes an epic action-comedy filled with puppets, motorcycle chases and dance offs.


Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience


Join our LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE for some TV nostalgia with a modern, Canadian spin. Each night, we bring you two totally unscripted episodes of a never-before-seen family sitcom inspired by your favourites from the 80s and 90s.


Studio 1201

HORSEFACE is a show written in response to the #Me Too Movement, Horseface is a journey in comedy and storytelling of a woman’s innocuous encounter with a manspreader on a train and what ensues.

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