Leaping Mammal Collective

Something strange in your neighborhood? (whoops. ignore that) Something weird and it don’t… (ah crap… we mean) Do you have demons? Do you need help? Who you gonna call? (DAMN IT!! … uh…) Call us: the ExDEMONators! The only Demon Exterminators in Northern/Central rural Ontario. We can help bust them gho.. (…) EXTERMINATE those DEMONS in no time! Services soon to be certified and legal.

ExDEMONators is a devised theatre piece created by Leaping Mammal Collective. ExDEMONators follows a small group of demon exterminators conducting their business busting gho- (sorry not busting ghosts) exterminating demons in a small Ontario town in which they are known as a laughingstock. The show makes use of puppetry and physical action to create a funny, thoughtful and captivating story about three female protagonists dealing with reputation and failure.



Emma Hickey – Shane Duval
Steph Goodwin – Mary-Lynne MacDonnough
Carley Richards – Evelyn Grace
Gabriella Gadsby – Demon Puppeteer
Mike Kosowan – Demon Puppeteer

Directed by Ian McMullen

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