2016 Lottery Results

From the Ottawa Fringe Festival Lottery Party! 38 winners have scored a festival venue, technician, box office, and…

Posted by Ottawa Fringe on Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Fringe is an open-access festival. That’s to say, nobody curates the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Instead artists throw their names into a lottery and the winners score a festival venue, technician, box office services, and front-of-house volunteers. More artists add to the program with Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) shows and all performers keep 100% of their ticket sales.

N.B. Bring Your Own Venue applications will open in the new year. Check back soon for more information or subscribe for an email heads up (tick the “performing opportunities” box).

2016 Lottery Results

December 7, during a party at Arts Court Studio, the lottery draw for spots in the 20th Ottawa Fringe Festival took place. The official results and waitlist are below.

Out of 180 registrants only 38 could win lottery spots. Two spots are reserved for local youth performers, 18 more went to Ottawa performers, 11 to National performers, and 7 to International performers. The lottery draw is subject to a quota: 50% Local (Ottawa-Gatineau), 30% National (rest of Canada), and 20% International (rest of World).


Producer Locale
Bloc D et C Ottawa, ON
What The Fairytale Productions Ottawa, ON


Producer Locale
Lana Schwarcz * Yarraville, AUS
Kurt Fitzpatrick ^ Jersey City, USA
Howard Petrick ^ San Francisco, USA
Houston Robertson Benicia, USA
big word performance poetry Camberley, UK
SPNP Tech Brooklyn, USA
Kiva Murphy Barcleona, ES
See waitlist…

* indicates 90-minute slot.
^ indicates CAFF Touring Lottery winners.


Producer Locale
Carlyn Rhamey ^ Welland, ON
Active Salad Productions ^ Victoria, BC
Doctor Keir Co. ^ Montreal, QC
Ethereal Fantazy Productions ^ * Winnipeg, MB
British to British Vancouver, BC
Allie Weigh Productions Montreal, QC
Up From The Roots Ajax, ON
Arcturus Players Calgary, AB
Rebecca Leenhouts Etobicoke, ON
The Factory Culture Collingwood, ON
gypsyWASPproductions Stratford, ON
See waitlist…

* indicates 90-minute slot.
^ indicates CAFF Touring Lottery winners.


Producer Locale
Strange Visitations Ottawa, ON
Two Kind Boys Ottawa, ON
raw footage Ottawa, ON
GreenLightTheatreco. Ottawa, ON
TWA Ottawa, ON
Crowning Monkey Carp, ON
Morado T Productions Ottawa, ON
Gold, Glamour and Glory Ottawa, ON
Angel in the Rafters Theatre Ottawa, ON
Atelier Denu Ottawa, ON
Crush Improv Ottawa, ON
Bonavox Productions Ottawa, ON
SixOneThird Productions Ottawa, ON
Curled Toes Theatre Company Gatineau, QC
FireFlood Entertainment Ottawa, ON
Current Productions Ottawa, ON
Ashley Rissler Ottawa, ON
Aplombusrhombus Ottawa, ON
See waitlist…

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