2016 Lottery Results + Waitlist


Producer Locale
Bloc D et C Ottawa, ON
What The Fairytale Productions Ottawa, ON


Producer Locale
Lana Schwarcz * Yarraville, AUS
Kurt Fitzpatrick ^ Jersey City, USA
Howard Petrick ^ San Francisco, USA
Houston Robertson Benicia, USA
big word performance poetry Camberley, UK
SPNP Tech Brooklyn, USA
Kiva Murphy Austin, USA
1. Makers of Entertainment Wellington, NZ
2. That’s Enough Drama London, UK
3. Windy Wynazz Oakland, USA
4. 2hoots Productions Melbourne, AUS
5. Tim Motley Elwood, AUS
6. Martin Dockery Brooklyn, USA
7. Rory Ledbetter Oxford, USA
8. Grasshoppa Cummington, USA
9. Siobhan O’Loughlin Brooklyn, USA
10. David Gaines Arlington, USA
11. Kiya Heartwood Austin, USA
12. Sarah M. Chichester Brooklyn, USA
13. Kathleen Denny Oakland, USA
14. conFAB Glasgow, UK
15. Concrete Drops Brooklyn, USA
16. Gemma Wilcox Boulder, USA
17. The Famous Haydell Sisters Portland, USA

* indicates 90-minute slot.
^ indicates CAFF Touring Lottery winners.


Producer Locale
Carlyn Rhamey ^ Welland, ON
Active Salad Productions ^ Victoria, BC
Doctor Keir Co. ^ Montreal, QC
Ethereal Fantazy Productions ^ * Winnipeg, MB
British to British Vancouver, BC
Allie Weigh Productions Montreal, QC
Up From The Roots Ajax, ON
Arcturus Players Calgary, AB
Rebecca Leenhouts Etobicoke, ON
The Factory Culture Collingwood, ON
gypsyWASPproductions Stratford, ON
1. Dv8 Productions Toronto, ON
2. For Body and Light Montreal, QC
3. Mystic Music Prod. Toronto, ON
4. Neil McArthur Winnipeg, MB
5. The Mighty Mike Show Toronto, ON
6. What’s at Stake Windsor, ON
7. A Company of Some Brampton, ON
8. JIG theatrecompany Toronto, ON
9. Eliot Entertainment Kingston, ON
10. Chickadee Productions Georgetown, ON
11. Sober But Never Clean Theatre Toronto, ON
12. Slippery People King City, ON
13. Pony Street Productions Toronto, ON
14. Naked Theatre Productions Winnipeg, MB
15. HagenDoesTheatre Vancouver, BC
16. Ladies & Gentlemen Productions Montreal, QC
17. Vancouver Puppet Theatre Vancouver, BC
18. Mmm Jam Productions Halifax, NS
19. SeeZed Hamilton, ON
20. Jimmy Hogg Toronto, ON
21. Trudy Fong Dartmouth, NS
22. The Grand Salto Theatre Toronto, ON
23. Good Game Toronto, ON
24. Gangland Productions Toronto, ON
25. Brendan McLeod Toronto, ON
26. One Four One Toronto, ON
27. Lazy Sunday Theatre Barrie, ON
28. Mike Delamont Victoria, BC
29. Spice House Etobicoke, ON
30. Quatrième Sexe/Gean Bindley Art Montréal, QC
31. Sizzle and Spare Calgary, AB
32. bike circus Toronto, ON
33. Pearle Harbour Presents Toronto, ON
34. Haines57 Picton, ON
35. Herculean Productions Toronto, ON
36. Larose Longueuil, QC
37. Gotchu Theatre Toronto, ON
38. Artbeat Theatre Group Québec, QC
39. Life & Depth Vancouver, BC
40. Laugh Gallery Vancouver, BC
41. By the Book Productions Toronto, ON
42. Les Bunheads Montréal, QC
43. Miracle & Apocalypse Québec, QC
44. Camilo The Magician Vancouver, BC
45. Thea Fitz-James Toronto, ON
46. Aaron Simm Victoria, BC
47. Nutmeg Creations Vancouver, BC
48. Devon More Music Vancouver, BC
49. Heartichoke Arts Vancouver, BC
50. Stéphanie Morin-Robert Montréal, QC
51. Dragon in a Wagon Montréal, QC
52. James MartEntz Toronto,ON
53. Still Your Friend Toronto, ON
54. Ryan Gunther Vancouver, BC
55. Yarn Productions Montreal, QC
56. Keith Brown London, ON
57. Wild Talk Toronto, ON
58. BOA Productions Toronto, ON
59. christache.plays Vancouver, BC
60. Defiance Theatre Edmonton, AB
61. Mind of a Snail Puppet Co. Vancouver, BC
62. Black & Bright Productions Winnipeg, MB
63. The Hairy Carrot Production Company Oro-Medonte, ON

* indicates 90-minute slot.
^ indicates CAFF Touring Lottery winners.


Producer Locale
Strange Visitations Ottawa, ON
Two Kind Boys Ottawa, ON
raw footage Ottawa, ON
GreenLightTheatreco. Ottawa, ON
TWA Ottawa, ON
Crowning Monkey Carp, ON
Morado T Productions Ottawa, ON
Gold, Glamour and Glory Ottawa, ON
Angel in the Rafters Theatre Ottawa, ON
Atelier Denu Ottawa, ON
Crush Improv Ottawa, ON
Bonavox Productions Ottawa, ON
SixOneThird Productions Ottawa, ON
Curled Toes Theatre Company Gatineau, QC
FireFlood Entertainment Ottawa, ON
Current Productions Ottawa, ON
Ashley Rissler Ottawa, ON
Aplombusrhombus Ottawa, ON
1. Drawing Board Productions Ottawa, ON
2. Elgin Street Improv Ottawa, ON
3. The Liquid Word Ottawa, ON
4. Broken Turtle Productions Ottawa, ON
5. Punchbag Playhouse Ottawa, ON
6. Tim C. Murphy Ottawa, ON
7. PUSH Ottawa, ON
8. Tangelico Ottawa, ON
9. Bicycles Never Forget Ottawa, ON
10. Dirty Hands Productions Gatineau, QC
11. Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre Ottawa, ON
12. Morning Person Theatre Ottawa, ON
13. Garkin Productions Ottawa, ON
14. PandaBar Productions Ottawa, ON
15. Phoebe Webber Kanata, ON
16. Rapscallion Diversion Ottawa, ON
17. Cloudbursting Productions Ottawa, ON
18. Plain People Productions Ottawa, ON
19. Tone Cluster Ottawa, ON
20. Amped Up Theatre Ottawa, ON
21. Marta Singh Ottawa, ON
22. Here Be Dragons Ottawa, ON
23. Dead Unicorn Ink Ottawa, ON
24. Madeleine Hall Ottawa, ON
25. Pretty Ugly Theatre Productions Ottawa, ON
26. The Broad Theatre Company Ottawa, ON
27. SDT Productions Ottawa, ON
28. United Power Consultate Ottawa, ON
29. Rynestone Magic Ottawa, ON
30. Slippery Slope Productions Ottawa, ON
31. Rebel Rabbit Ottawa, ON
32. Blood Moon Productions Ottawa, ON
33. Fall Down Theatre Company Ottawa, ON
34. Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion Ottawa, ON
35. Pample Moose Productions Ottawa, ON
36. Toasted Theatre Company Ottawa, ON
37. Black Sheep Theatre Ottawa, ON
38. Interface Theatre Ottawa, ON
39. Kairos Ottawa, ON
40. Meldeava Productions Ottawa, ON
41. Obviously, A Theatre Company Gatineau, QC
42. Soul Clappers Ottawa, ON
43. Nick Wade Ottawa, ON
44. Youth Infringement Festival Ottawa, ON
45. Cracked Compass Collective Kanata, ON
46. Miltonbone Productions Ottawa, ON
47. Experimental Farm Theatre Ottawa, ON
48. Patrick Kelly Ottawa, ON
49. Dangerous Dames Theatre Ottawa, ON
50. GRIMprov Ottawa, ON
51. Salt & Pepper Theatre Ottawa, ON
52. The FCBA Collective Gatineau, QC
53. Umbra Productions Ottawa, ON
54. Hymns in Hearse Theatre Ottawa, ON
55. Norah Paton Ottawa, ON
56. AL Connors Ottawa, ON


Producer Locale
1. Kainz Players Chatham, ON
2. Maria Affinito San Rafael, USA
3. Faction of Fools Theatre Company Oxford, USA
4. Spark Plug Players Windsor, ON
5. mikeylikesit productions Toronto, ON
6. Compagnie Du Grand Nord Montréal, QC
7. Breakaleg Productions Toronto, ON
8. Hubcity Theatre Moncton, NB

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