2014 Ottawa Fringe Applications… coming soon

As we roll towards fall (and I settle in to my new job) it’s time to start planning the 2014 Ottawa Fringe. First item on the agenda: getting our 2014 applications ready, and (of course) planning to Lottery Party!

Take note of these important dates, boys and girls, you may be tested on them:

September 30 – Applications available on ottawafringe.com
November 28 – Application deadline
December 3 – Lottery Party at Arts Court

And remember: the Ottawa Fringe is an unjuried festival. Participating companies are chosen by lottery to secure a spot in the festival’s official venues. (and for those if you interested in submitting a BYOV application – those will be available in the new year)

If you’re looking to put together a multi-city tour (or you just can’t wait another three weeks for our applications to be available), head over to the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals website and apply to the 2014 CAFF Lottery. Their application deadline is October 11.

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