Welcome, Patrick Gauthier

Join me in welcoming Patrick Gauthier to the Ottawa Fringe team. It’s a pleasure to announce that today marks his first as Festival Director.

As a theatre professional, Patrick has been involved in Ottawa’s community for the last 10-plus years and as a performing artist has toured the Fringe circuit (with stories to tell). Five of his most recent years have been contributed to the Ottawa Fringe as an integral member of the Festival’s communications team.

In his capacity as an Artistic Associate of the Great Canadian Theatre Company, Patrick has been known to many as curator and producer of undercurrents, Ottawa’s winter festival for “theatre below the mainstream” which, in 2013 presented a pair of world-premieres by local artists plus two hits from the Fringe circuit.

The new director’s first order of business will be to coordinate the 2014 application and lottery process. Prospective artists: subscribe to the Ottawa Fringe newsletter for application details, which will open early-autumn.

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