Looking for Fringe Reviews? Look no further.

Fringe has officially begun! But with 52 shows, deciding what to see can be tricky. Luckily, I’ve put together a list of where you can find reviews for each and every show in the festival.

Fully Fringed
For the third year in a row Fully Fringed will be reviewing every show in the festival, and the review will be published 24 hours (or less!) after it’s first performance. As of this morning, they’ve already posted reviews for Little Orange Man, Wolves > Boys, A Macsummer Night’s Dream, and More Power to Your Knitting Nell.

The Visitorium
Not to be outdone, Kevin Reid has assembled a crack team of reviewers (an all female team! Kevin Reid keeps good company) who will also be reviewing every play at the festival – some more than once.

Capital Critics Circle
The Capital Critics – led by Alvina Ruprecht – will be reviewing at least 40 productions at the festival this year, and have already posted reviews for Mabel’s Last Performance, Love Bug Louie, and The Suicide.

The Ottawa Citizen
The Citizen will once again be reviewing shows on line and in print. If past years are any indication they’ll likely publish 10-15 reviews over the course of the festival, though maybe the amount of reviews everyone else is doing will up their game a bit. They’re on the ball so far, as their first three reviews were online just after midnight yesterday.

But regardless of what the critics say, the best way to find out about shows is word of mouth. Talk to your friends, or see what they’re saying on the internet! Follow the hashtag #ottfringe to see all the news and reviews about the Fringe. Tweet a review yourself and you could win a pizza.

Did I miss any sources for reviews? Let me know and I’ll update!

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