Tweet a Review, Win a Pizza!

It’s back!

Thanks to the lovely folks at ZaZaZa Pizza (now with locations in New Edinburgh and the Glebe!) and CBC Radio One, we’re once again holding our Tweet a Review, Win a Pizza contest. ZaZaZa now has two locations (New Edinburgh and the Glebe – and for the record, their pizza is delicious), and CBC is the number one radio station in Ottawa. This is a contest you definitely want to enter.

How do you enter? Simple. You tweet a review, you could win a pizza. Here’s what you do:

  1. See a Fringe show (any Fringe show)
  2. Write a one-tweet review, and make sure to tag it #ottfringe (if you don’t tag it, it won’t qualify because I might not see it)
  3. Every day during the festival 3 reviews (and the reviewer) will be chosen to win a pizza.  Finalists will be announced – and reviews read – during Chats with Cat at 10:00 pm in the Fringe Courtyard, and the winners will be revealed (and read!) by Alan Neal each weekday on CBC Radio’s All in a Day shortly after 5:30 pm.
  4. Prizes can be claimed at the Fringe Festival office (located in Arts Court) from 1:00-9:00 pm during the festival.

Please note that tweets must be sent by 9:00 pm in order to qualify for that day’s contest.  Tweets sent after 9:00 pm will be entered into the contest for the next day.  You can enter as many times as you like on as many days as you’d like, but you probably won’t win as often as you’d like.

Easy, no?

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