Last Day to Fringe

It’s the last day of Fringe! What are we all going to do with ourselves tomorrow?

I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow, but today I’ll be at a BEST IN FEST show(though I’m not sure which one yet). Awarded to the top ticket selling show in each of the four regular venues, you can catch an extra performance Wanderlust, Little Lady, Fallen: The Book of Samael, and Vernus says SURPRISE at 9:00 pm tonight, just before the closing ceremonies.

And since it’s the last day of Fringe, that means that every show is closing today. Today is your last chance to catch Lonely Bear, Hip Hop Shakespeare Live Music Videos, Heterollectual: love and other dumb ideas, Fear Factor: Canine Edition, Aerial Allusions, Pickin N’ Shtick, Breaking Rank!, What Happens Now, This is Today, White Noise, Hard Times!, Fishbowl, Dead Wrong, Dirk Darrow: NCSSI, Ex Cathedra, Leftovers, The Fat Guy Show, Kuwaiti Moonshine, In Waves, Mercutio and Ophelia, Report to an Academy (on at 3:30 today – NOT 11:00 pm as indicated in the program), The Open Couple, Lovebug Louie, The Suicide, and Fringe Night Live. (phew!)

Don’t forget: our closing ceremonies are tonight at 10:00 pm in the Fringe Courtyard. Join us to say goodbye to Fringe for another year.

And to get you in the mood for the last day of Fringe, Andrew Alexander has created another timelapse, this one of Studio LĂ©onard Beaulne, featuring Dirk Darrow: NCSSI, Wolves > Boys, and Vernus says SURPRISE.

It’s your last chance to Fringe for 365 days. Go see some shows!

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