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There may be only two days left to Fringe, but last night Executive Producer Natalie Joy Quensel gave Fringers another chance to get excited by announcing the recipients of  BEST IN FEST.

What is BEST IN FEST? The top selling show in each of the four main venues (based on total number of tickets sold over their first four performances) will receive an extra performance on Sunday, June 24 at 9:00 pmTickets are on sale now for the following performances:

Venue 1 – Arts Court Theatre
Martin Dockery  – Wanderlust

Venue 2 – Arts Court Library
Sandrine Lafond Inc –Little Lady

Venue 3 – Academic Hall
Glassiano Productions – Fallen: The Book of Samael

Venue 4 – Studio Léonard-Beaulne
Emanate Productions – Vernus says SURPRISE

Tickets for BEST IN FEST performances can be purchased online, by phone, in person (at the main Fringe Box Office), and at the door 1 hour prior to performance time.

Since it’s the second last day of Fringe, we have a number of shows with their final performance today. It’s your last chance to catch Alien Predator: The Musical, Don’t Make Me Zealous, I’m Not Crying in the Bathroom… I’m Crying in the Supply Closet, Danti-Dan, Gametes and Gonads, R U Smarter Than an Irishman, 100 First Kisses, Tis Pity She’s a Whore, Little Orange Man, Mabel’s Last Performance, and 2020. Go!

Parents looking to see shows this afternoon can take advantage of our Mini Fringers Drama Camps this afternoon, running from 1:30-5:00 pm.

In the Courtyard tonight it Burlesque Night! It is also the final Chats with Cat… ever! Come down at 9:30 (note the special time) for all the fun.

Finally, have you figured out Who Is Octavius Fringe yet?

Only two days left to see shows! See you at the Fringe!

4 responses to “Best in Fest

  1. FALLEN ? best in the Fest in Venue 3 ? You must be joking!
    Dead Wrong and Fishbowl were much better from all points of view….as theatre that is. Or perhaps your criteria relate only to the loud reaction of the audience? and the kids in the theatre audience did roar with laughter all through “Fallen” but they were the theatre pals. It was obviousl.
    I wonder who made those decisions? Based on what criteria? Could the public have some inkling of how this was done? If that is the case then the quality of the performance has very little to do with the “best” award and in that case, someone like Ken Godmere whose show was so superior should be deeply embarrassed to be judged on the same level as Fallen. It devaluates his work and Godmere is a first class actor in all respects. I think you should rethink something here…it does not make sense.

    Alvina Ruprecht

  2. Hi Alvina,

    BEST IN FEST winners are based on overall ticket sales for the first four performances. The top selling show is named BEST IN FEST. On Sunday night we will announce our Fringe awards, which are juried.

    Hope that clears things up!

  3. Thanks for that Patrick. I unerstand now. Can you tell us who are members of the jury? Usually those things are secret ..but in case not…we are curious..

  4. Dear Alvina,
    Thank you so much for your comments towards Fallen: the Book of Samael. It’s clear that you’re a bit confused as to how best in fest at fringe works. We set out with the goal of wanting to make people laugh and generally have a great time at the theatre. We never once felt that we were on par with Ken Godmere, who you so obviously esteem highly. The fringe fest was originally created in Edinborough, Scotland in order to celebrate the “fringe” artists who were not necessarily professional. The fact that you, someone who is so respected around the community, would stoop so low as to put down emerging artists who only had the best intentions, and who had no control over his decision, with this show is a bit sad. You wrote your review of the show and, professionally, that’s where you should have ended it. We are students who work hard and paid to get into fringe with our own hard earned cash and we deserve as much as anyone to win best in fest. We would love to have you in the audience again and even grab a beer with you after at the beer tent. If you decide to come, there will be a complimentary ticket waiting for you. In the end, the people have spoken and you, Alvina, will have to deal with the fact that sometimes popularity trumps high art (like it has throughout history).
    If you’d like to discuss this further feel free to reach us at
    Brie McFarlane / stage manager extrodinaire
    Martin Glassford / director
    James Graziano/ artistic director

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