And we’re off…!

Fringe is here!

The 2012 Ottawa Fringe Festival began last night to good weather, great crowds, and lots of enthusiasm from artists and audience (I don’t think I’ve seen that many people in the Courtyard on opening night since, well, ever).

With 27 performances last night there was lots of buzz (and ticket sales) around Wolves > Boys, Alien Predator: The Musical, Space Mystery… from Outerspace, Crux: The Musical, I’m Not Crying the Bathroom: I’m Crying in the Supply Closet, and Little Orange Man. With many more shows opening tonight – including, but not limited to Lonely Bear, Hip-Hop Shakespeare Live Music Videos, R U Smarter Than an Irishman, and Aerial Allusions – there’s lots to see on Day 2 of Fringe. Remember, most opening performances are 2 for 1, so bring a friend, bring a date, or bring a stranger.

Still wondering what to see? Why not read some reviews to help decide, or stop by the Courtyard every night at 10:00 for Chats with Cat for previews, artist interviews, and contests (sure, maybe the contest won’t help you decide what to see, but it’s fun to win things). And if you’re thinking of coming on the weekend, parents can take advantage of our Mini Fringers program.

Before I go, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the ever diligent Rachel Eugster, who continues to interview artists as part of her Fringe Focus series. I’ll continue to post her interviews throughout the festival. Up first: ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore – opening tonight (and it’s 2 for 1!).

Fringe is here! Go see some shows!

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  1. I agree with both of you on this one. Roth makes a great point about the relationships being adeancvd while Dennis sums up my feelings about the episode in its entirety, “it didn’t do anything new for me”. Sounds a little contradictory at first, but I feel all the info we got regarding the state of their ‘family’ could have been plunked down in any episode. Nothing about what was going on was specific to those revelations. Before you say it, honestly, when has Peter, or any character for that matter, NOT been in danger? It is one of the cool things about Fringe, the characters are the main players in the story and not solving cases that do not effect their lives directly (e.g. any procedural and a lot of X-files). Without those conversations, we are left with a mediocre episode. There was no suspense regarding Peter contracting the virus, no ‘oh crap what are we going to do now?’ feeling, there was just one less person that needed lines. We knew everything was going to be alright so the suspense was sucked out of the room and we were left watching everyone zombie through the steps to cure the infected and avoid the building being imploded, or whatever containment was supposed to happen. I liked the episode, it just didn’t live up to the Fringe potential.

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