Was Opening Night a Washout?

I could tell you about the previews, which were phenomenal.   I could describe the performance of Samba Ottawa, who impressed the entire party.  I could even do some bragging on behalf of the Fringe staff who managed to pull of a great evening of entertainment.  Instead, I will give love to the true stars of the evening; the crowd.  

A combination of performers and patrons turned up exactly when the previews started and gave them attention and affection.  They supported all the acts and gave them the appreciation that they deserved.  As the performance wrapped up and they had every excuse to head home, they bought beer.  There was nothing left in the evening that wouldn’t be seen for the next 10 days but that was irrelevant.  The crowd was there to party and there hasn’t been a storm made that would have stopped them.  They retreated to the tents and the opening festivities continued.  

The fact that we had a party as long as we did (and it may still be going on; I had to cry uncle), proves that this is destined to be a major year for the Fringe.  This is not my thought, I stole from HM. The team in place is set to handle the shows we have earned.  2008 has the potential to be a year that will be referenced as a new high for this festival.

I cannot wait to see what the next 10 days have in store.  If you miss it, you have no excuse.  You’ve been warned.

See you tomorrow,


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