Fringe lookahead: Saturday, June 22

by Amanda Logan

June 22, 2013

Good morning, Ottawa Fringe! You’re catching on quick – these lookaheads have been (and will continue to be) daily posts for keen Fringers. I suppose I should address “lookahead” sooner than later. One must know that someone among us possesses (it’s me) a Certificate in Creative Writing from some post-secondary institution or another. Use of italics adds a certain prestige, capital letters some serious credibility, and the certificate itself a license to conceive and create whatever words I wish. Lookahead.

Business time:


Opening weekend is an exciting time when word-of-mouth and reviews try quickly to identify the shows-to-see.  Word from the box office is that Emissions: A Climate Comedy, My Second Smile, Die, Zombie. Die! and Under the Mango Tree are selling advance tickets like nobody’s business.

The Bike Trip, We Glow, plus Sappho… in 9 fragments sold out their venues on Friday night.


It’s a Dog & Pony Karaoke Saturday. Registration begins at 7:00pm. NONE OF THIS. NONE OF THIS. LOTS OF THIS.


Weekday readers are familiar with Pat’s Picks.  He’ll recommend the shows he’s seen, I’ll recommend the shows I haven’t (yet).

One critic I spoke to is calling 6 Guitars a show that will only rise in stock as the Festival goes on. He was fortunate to get a seat on opening night – but predicts line-ups and sell-outs by the end of the run. Get in there while you can.

Likewise, exciting word of Red Bastard‘s opening night is spreading like butter. Or like margarine. Whichever is spreads most smoothly.


Well, it’s a doodle, really. Courtesy of Pascal Huot





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    Barbara May BlakeneyCongratulations. This sounds like a great idea. My only migviginss are about the online program. I know it would exclude me, and wonder how many others would also be excluded.My experience with attempting to communicate with groups of people over the computer has been one of frustration and fairly prompt exclusion. It isn’t long before someone sends out key information in a form that I cannot read because my computer is too old, my apps/software are too old, or computer knowledge that I do not possess is required. I can exchange e-mail if I give the person my e-mail address and then only have to reply, and I can use Google. I cannot open attachments, go into chat rooms, Skype (what is skype anyway?), Facebook, Twitter, Photoshop, .pdf or other such things. If you want to be inclusive, please, please keep computer-related requirements to a minimum. If you must use computers, perhaps so that people who are housebound or who have many responsibilities and inflexible schedules can participate, please make a deliberate attempt to balance the wealthier, computer-savvy demographic who can participate in the online sessions with a deliberate bias in the in-person sessions in favour of citizens who do know have the computer equipment, skills, and knowledge to participate on line. Perhaps it would be helpful to put strict limits on online exchanges. Rules could include 1) no attachments 2) confine yourself to the following software . 3) Do not use computer jargon. Thank you,Barbara May BlakeneySincerely,Barbara May Blakeney

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