Black Box Comedy

Do you dream of scaling a mountain, buying your first house, or becoming a world-famous magician? Have you ever wondered what your dream would look like as an improvised comedy show? GoFundYourself will begin by inviting an audience member to share their dream, then we’ll host a telethon to help make that dream come true. Kickstart your curiosity as we crowdfund inspiration and reward you, our generous backers, with a unique experience filled with zany characters and lots of laughs! Will we meet the goal and achieve the dream? Will we end up with less than we started with? Unique, unpredictable, and full of laughs – GoFundYourself is a must see!

Directed by Chris Hannay and Dani Alon, GoFundYourself is brought to you by Black Box Comedy, a group of eight comedians who met through their love of improv. The members of Black Box Comedy all have serious day jobs but life can’t be serious all the time! Come see GoFundYourself and help us achieve OUR dream of making you laugh!

Share your dreams with us @BlackBoxComedy (Twitter and Instagram) and @BlackBoxComedy613



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Becoming Magic Mike: An Action Adventure Comedy

DK Reinemer

Comedian DK Reinemer (Help! I’m American) presents his smokin’ hot, action adventure comedy about a strait-laced detective thrust deep undercover in the unfamiliar world of male stripping. He’s undercover, underdressed, and over the top. Can he pull it off?

“Uproariously funny, fast-paced and action-packed piece of rock-solid gold entertainment” – Cult MTL
“It’s essentially a Michael Bay blockbuster movie with 100% more male twerking” – Bad Feelings Mag
“Four Stars” – VUE Magazine
“Reinemer is a talented guy” – Orlando Sentinel

“Cool as a Cucumber Award” – Orlando Fringe 2018
“Sharing Award Winner” – Montreal 2017/2018
“Multi-Award Winner” – Montreal 2017
“Outstanding Artist Award” – Calgary Fringe 2017
“Spirit of the Fringe Award” – Montreal Fringe 2017



This show contains loud sounds of gunfire and explosions. Also, the performer takes a lot of their clothes off.
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