Recommender Grants For Theatre Creators 2023

Recommender grants post
[Image Description: Text reads “Ottawa Fringe Festival R G T C Ontario Arts Council.” In the R G T C letters, there are images of performing artists.]
The Ottawa Fringe Festival is once again serving as a recommender for the Ontario Arts Council’s Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators program!

To be eligible for the program you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Ontario. Specifically for Ottawa Fringe grants, you must be a professional artist (as defined by the OAC) living and creating in Ottawa.

Ottawa Fringe is looking to fund under-represented, emerging, and new generation artists, living and creating in Ottawa. We will only fund artists who live in Ottawa.

Submission Instructions

You will be asked to submit the following items:

  • C.V. (mandatory)
  • Script Sample

Application deadline is December 18, 2023 at 1pm EST. For more information on the program and how to apply, please click here.

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