Quantum Calamity

Aerial Antics

Not again! Dr Clara Brown and her assistants–a madcap trio of time-travelling steampunks–have run into trouble with the Ministry of Temporal Affairs. What could it be this time? The registration was filed properly, and the licences were in hand 6 months before departure. . .

Hop on board as Aerial Antics weaves together their signature blend of comedy, visual effects and high-flying aerial acrobatics in this original production featuring circus, theatre, and a touch of spacetime bureaucracy.


Aerial Antics, founded in 2015, is Ottawa’s “vertical theatre” company. Created to facilitate and motivate participation in aerial circus arts, the name “Aerial Antics” reflects this troupe’s playful approach to choreography and theatrics.

Aerial Antics has performed as part of popular Ottawa events such as Glowfair Festival, Nature Nocturne, Lumière Festival, Comiccon, and Kidsfest. They continue to explore new ways to merge art, theater and acrobatic skill into original and engaging performances.
Twitter: @Aerial_Antics
Instagram: @aerialantics



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