Youth Infringement Festival


Douglas Newham & Thomas Futter

  • 12 + fees
  • 50m
  • PG

In a world where a simple card game is treated like the ultimate sport, Todd tries to make it to the big leagues with pure luck. Facing down gruelling opponents like The Reformed Street Thugs and Shelle, the Snap Queen from west (west) Germany, will coach Bobson teach him the values of the game, or will Todd snap under pressure? Live broadcasted around the globe, welcome to the world of Snap!

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Content Note: In one scene, an actor will interact with an audience member in the crowd. Afterwards, the actor will invite two audience members on stage for a brief moment – no physical contact. There are two swear words (f*** and s***). Additionally, there is a hammer used as a prop. There is one line of dialogue: “you say that s*** again; I’ll shoot you.” But no actual physical violence is displayed.

Please note that masks and proof of vaccination are required to attend all Ottawa Fringe Festival shows and events.