Velvet Duke Productions

(Re)Tired Magical Black Man

Velvet Wells

  • 12 + fees
  • 60m
  • PG

After a lifetime of being taken for granted, dJerald the Djinn discovers the joy of being magical for their community and themselves. With help from their human and puppet friends, and maybe even you, dJerald unretires to fulfill an impossible wish – stealing World Peace from the oligarchs. This satirical, self-reflective caper comedy is the fourth production for Velvet Duke Productions.

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Content Warning: ViolencelatecommertranscriptAudio pre-show note icon. A black and white play button with a circle in front. Inside the circle are digital soundwaves.ASL

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Content Notes: The audience can self-select to be part of the Audience Participation moments. There will be scenes of Violence akin to A-Team / Fast & Furious (no blood or death). 

All shows have ASL interpretation except Thursday’s. 

Please note that masks and proof of vaccination are required to attend all Ottawa Fringe Festival shows and events.