Sherri Rose

Beyond The Pale

Sherri Rose

Meet the Evil Eye, a centuries old tormentor come to life! Follow her tug of war with one immigrant family as they transplant, assimilate, and seek salvation in Silicon Valley.

Told in 3 heartfelt, funny fables, BEYOND THE PALE is for anyone who has struggled to fit in and break the bonds of superstition. Weaving past and present together, Sherri also gives us a glimpse into an everything-internet future.

Praise for Sherri’s work:
“With a vivacious personality, good humor and enthusiasm, Sherri takes you along on her journey.” – iNDYFringe Talk.
“Sherri is deeply funny, profound, and has a magnificent stage presence.” – Ann Randolph, Award-Winning Actor.
“Turns fear into both entertainment and hope. Big success!” – a.Muse.

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