Sam Kruger

Bat Brains or (let’s explore mental illness with vampires)

Sam Kruger

Deep inside central Minnesota’s sole decrepit Victorian manor, there lives a vampire named Scud. Scud loves toilets. Scud loves humpback whales. Scud loves Quincy Jones’ Big Band Bossa Nova, especially when paired with certain…bodily fluids.

Except, Scud is terribly, horribly afraid of you…the living.

But when a surprise visitor appears at Scud’s door, he is launched off on a madcap journey into the darkest depths of his home, his mind, and beyond.

Think Mr. Bean meets Dracula, crossed with a feral mongoose.

A new solo play from Sam Kruger, creator of Fool Muun Komming! <BeBgWunderful/YEsyes/4sure.Hi5.TruLuv; Spank Spank: SOfun_Grate_Times> 

Pick of the Fringe – Edmonton Fringe, 2018
Outstanding Solo Performance – Ottawa Fringe, 2018
Outstanding Solo Performance – London Fringe, 2017

“Like a coked-up Robin Williams at his most agile and frenetic, Sam Kruger is a special and weird Fringe jewel” – CBC

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