Levity Theatre Co.


Levity Theatre Co.

  • 12 + fees
  • 45m
  • 14+

How do you like outright say like, “YEAH I’m done with the date, GOODBYE!” Good ones, bad ones, really really bad ones – we all have a memorable first date story. Pulled from interviews with real date-goers, Unmatched explores modern dating in a world of smartphones and swipes. “Simultaneously funny, sad, and familiar. Unmatched … makes use of sophisticated theatrical storytelling” – Apt613

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Content warning: Mature LanguagelatecommertranscriptSensory Friendly Icon. Black headphones with lines radiating from them. In the center are the letters "S" and "F".

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Content Notes:  There is cursing and some instances of sexual activities. The audience participation in this show is verbal only and there are protocols outlined at the beginning of the show to opt-out of participation should you choose. Please note there is one moment where there is the use of flashing lights.

Sensory Friendly show is on June 20th. Access Guide will be available soon. 

Please note that masks and proof of vaccination are required to attend all Ottawa Fringe Festival shows and events.