Speech From The Throne – Living With a Disability in Canada

Michael Lifshitz

  • 12 + fees
  • 60m
  • M

Michael is obviously a proud Canadian. Look at him – clearly he likes free healthcare. Winner of the 2019 Yuk Yuk’s Mike MacDonald Summer Comedy Competition, Michael will share his humourous take on growing up as a disabled anglo jew in Quebec. His thoughts on common misconceptions, bureaucracy, language, intolerance and sex (he is disabled….not dead people) will have you ROLLING with laughter.

About Michael
A lost bet over a souvlaki dinner in 2006 led Michael to perform standup comedy. His goal? That he will make you laugh so hard, you will not be able to walk straight either. Michael has performed across Canada and opened for such acts as Mike MacDonald, Angelo Tsarouchas, Nikki Payne and Gilbert Gottfried.

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Please note that the final two performances of Speech From The Throne will be audio recorded.