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Worldly Women

Dance Fachin

Throughout my travels, I have observed many women from all over the world. I have seen the chain-smoking women of Berlin with face tattoos standing as an emblem of the free and rebellious woman, I have seen women of rural Jordan draped from head to toe in sacred scarves, and women that have to be indoors by 6pm in Varanasi, India. I’ve seen women who use their sexuality to gain respect from men on the city streets of New York and through all this I stand somewhere in the middle. Recognizing my own privilege, I step outside of it and take on the role of a respectful student. This proposed work has been years in the making and is influenced by the vast experiences I have had observing women from other cultures.
Our story follows Namid, who travels to four unnamed worlds each with it’s own unique dance and musical style. She changes with each world as she encounters new experiences and new people. By the end she meets the love of her life, Aki. Due to citizenship laws, same sex marriage restrictions, and familial responsibility, Aki is not able to leave with Namid. She gives her a remorseful goodbye. Namid feels afraid, yet continues her journey of exploration with wisdom, heartache, and the realization that she is forever nomadic.

Worldly Women is a thought provoking piece that aims to reflect the spectrum of oppression that women face around the world.

Worldly Women Trailer from Bartolomucci on Vimeo.

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