Comedy with Christina Muehlberger

God, that’s funny

Christina Muehlberger

  • 12 + fees
  • 45m
  • M


From dreams of marital sex with the youth group hottie to picturing purity as a half-eaten sandwich, God, That’s Funny explores growing up in the Pentecostal church. A seasoned comedian, Christina’s stories will have audiences laughing as they ask if you can ever leave a church that had you lighting Avril Lavigne tickets on fire and yelling “you know what’s not complicated? My love for the Lord!”

Created by Christina Muehlberger

Performed by Christina Muehlberger and Alli Harris

Directed by Emma Ferrante

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Content warning: Mature Languagelatecommertranscript

Content Note: Sexual content with references to discussions of sex in the church and sexual assault.

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