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2-For-1: Youth Infringement Festival

by Hayley Robateau

May 2, 2014

Now in its 16th year, the Youth Infringement Festival offers a unique opportunity for budding artists to create, produce and perform in a professional setting. The Festival showcases six original one-act plays written, directed, stage-managed, and performed by artists and producers who haven’t yet reached a 26th birthday. For more information, visit or…. Read More

$5 Off: Roller Derby Saved My Soul

by Hayley Robateau

May 1, 2014

Amy is a shy comic book geek who envies her younger sister’s exciting life. June is strong, brash and plays extreme sports. Through June, Amy discovers roller derby, gains confidence and finally grows into person she’s always wanted to be. Comics, fandom and the struggles of the introvert: In a world of tropes, one woman… Read More

$10 Matinees: Corpus

by Hayley Robateau

April 30, 2014

A young genocide scholar stumbles across the mysterious relationship between the wife of a Nazi officer and a Polish Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz. As she investigates a dark history, Megan is torn between her quest for academic fame and the unexpected charms of her online lover, the seductive Heinrich. A tale about history and memory… Read More