2020 Lottery Results!


The Not So Amateurs, Amateurs Cornwall Division Cornwall, ON
Ottawa School of Theatre Ottawa, ON
1. Cynthia Sugars Ottawa, ON


big word performance (CAFF Lottery Winner) Finchampstead, UK
Manolis Antoniou Montreal, QC
PushPin Productions Ottawa, ON
Chrysalis Theatre Company  New York, NY
Whippoorwill Ottawa, ON
jeffwrightstoryteller.com Ottawa, ON


Christopher Depaz Ottawa, ON
Joshua Mayo Ottawa, ON
Ludmylla Reis Ottawa, ON
1. Robin Breiche Ottawa, ON
2. Cassie Cao Ottawa, ON
3. Heleen Ali Ottawa, ON


big word performance (CAFF Lottery Winner) Finchampstead, UK
Paco Erhard (CAFF Lottery Winner) Kiel, Schleswig, Germany
ZeekTech Productions (CAFF Lottery Winner) North Hollywood, USA
A Little Bit Off (CAFF Lottery Winner) Portland, USA
Racing Sloth Productions Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
Andrew Steiner New Rochelle, NY, USA
Tonya Jone Miller Vancouver, WA, USA
Katie Nixon Erie, PA, USA
1.Teater KEF Bunkeflostrand, Sweden
2. Concrete Drops Theatre Brooklyn, NY
3. Salvador Dinosaur Victoria, Australia
4. K.I.A. Productions London, UK
5. Jim Loucks Venice, CA, USA
6. Hardly Working Promotions Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA
7. Dandy Darkly Los Angeles, CA, USA
8. Hawaii Public Theatre AieaHI, USA


Alice Nelson (CAFF Lottery Winner) Windsor, ON
Boulouki Theatre Montreal, QC
Alex Dallas Productions Toronto, ON
Mind of a Snail Puppet Co. Vancouver, BC
Margin Release Edmonton, AB
Al Lafrance Vancouver, BC
Theatre Praxis London, ON
Okay Grace Productions Toronto, ON
Alastair Knowles Vancouver, BC
No Fixed Address Productions Toronto, ON
Joylyn Secunda CoquitlamBC
Singles Awareness Productions SurreyBC
1. Page1 Theatre Kitchener, ON
2. Parry Riposte Productions Toronto, ON
3. RTC Toronto, ON
4. Dance Fachin Toronto, ON
5. HappySad Theatre RichmondBC
6. Chromedome Productions Toronto, ON
7. New King Productions Toronto, ON
8. Cursed Productions Swift Current, SK


A Likely Story Ottawa, ON
Glen Foster “That Canadian Guy” Ottawa, ON
The Jenn Hayward Show Ottawa, ON
Lame-ish Ottawa, ON
Michael Lifshitz Ottawa, ON
8thGeneration Storytelling Ottawa, ON
Ten Eyes Productions Ottawa, ON
Jambro Productions Ottawa, ON
Bespoken Ottawa, ON
Karuna Vellino Ottawa, ON
Moose Lake Ottawa, ON
Speeding Brain Productions Ottawa, ON
The Precariat Ottawa, ON
Yang Chen Ottawa, ON
Allisoneb Ottawa, ON
Leaping Mammal Collective Ottawa, ON
Sistescene Ottawa, ON
Black Sheep Theatre Ottawa, ON
1. Lost Baggage Musical Theatre Ottawa, ON
2. Strange Visitations Ottawa, ON
3. Plumbago Productions Ottawa, ON
4. Tuba Czar Productions Ottawa, ON
5. Lucid Theatre Ottawa, ON
6. Thornbush Theatre Ottawa, ON
7. Dangerous Dames Theatre Ottawa, ON
8. FutureFems Ottawa, ON
9. Crowning Monkey Ottawa, ON
10. John Patterson Ottawa, ON
11. Kat Wong Ottawa, ON
12. Force of Stature Productions Ottawa, ON

Heartbreak…sry </3

Atelier Denu
Permissible Theatre
Break Free Entertainment
KosoWhat Productions
Passmore Productions
Theatre Underground
Tiny Tentacles
David Brennan
Christina Muehlberger Comedy
Crush Improv
Shit Hot Shit Show
Woods-derness Scouts
Theatre Kraken
Rogues Gallery
Forerunner Productions
Johnny Boy Productions
Philia+Phobia Collective 
3rd House Theatre
Pierre Brault
Robotic Birds
Third Wall Theatre
T Time Productions
Dead Unicorn Ink
Evolution Theatre
Monica Bradford-Lea and Nicholas Leno 
Creative Canada
Other <ed > Productions
Plan B Productions
Franco Pang
Improv Embassy
Tim C. Murphy
Bridging Borders
Passe Partout Theatre
Two Kind Boys
Little Bear
Rainy Heart Productions
Black Box Theatre
Three Popes Theatre Company
The Elephant Show Presents
Brewing up Laughs
Floral Theatre
Dramatic Effect Productions 
Daystop Productions
Angel in the Rafters Theatre
Lighthouse Theater
Painted Snail Productions
AL Connors
Two Handsome Geniuses
Cuil Creations
Amélie D
Heather Bruce
Brooke Trealout
Fabien Laurent
Dawn Xavier-Franklin 
Anto Chan
Robert Parungao
Ayan Tani
Manuel Torres
John Vo
Alea de Castro
May Abu-Shaban
Jo-Anne Bryan
Maria Sabaye Moghaddam
Rose-Ingrid Benjamin
Nomfanelo Moloi
Mariama Tani
Nick Gray-Grant
Mélodie Higgs
Emily Seguin
Priyanka Gopalkista
Randy Schmucker
La vie en Rosen
Reverie Theatre
Quivering Dendrites
Mistress T
SaMel Tanz 
Ill at Will
Newman Mentalism
LastName FirstName Productions
Bubblegum Theatre
Liam Lum
bike circus
TiBert le voyageur
Speak What We Feel Theatre
Mike Delamont
Drawing Board Productions
Aaron Malkin
MST Entertainment Inc.
Walk&Talk Theatre Company
Jimmy Hogg
Thea Fitz-James
Chris Gibbs
Tinkerspace Theatre
By the Book Productions
Keith Brown
Nightjan Productions
Still Your Friend
theatre Six
Spec Theatre
S.E. Grummett
Scantily Glad Theatre
Standing Room Only Theatre
(Sex) Cult
Human Body Project
Théâtre Les Compromis 
Yonge Professionals
Lorie Ganley
Head in the Clouds Creations
Vagabond Productions
Eliot Entertainment
Beau Theatre Co.
Cardinal Theatre
Punk Rock Productions
Aberrant Theatre
Short Sleeve Productions
Pond Side Collective
Mike Delamont Productions
JamesRankin Porductions
Helen Simard
Oh Yeah No Kidding
Squirrel Suit Productions
Monster Theatre
Squirrels At War
Alex Dallas Productions
Melanie Gall Presents
Invisible Inc.
Kylie Thompson Dance
Unit 5 Theatre Collective
Pirvish Productions
The Utilidors
Archetype Productions
CTM Entertainment
ShimKo Entertainment
Just in a Bowl Productions
Stephanie Morin-Robert Performance Society
Edith 47 Productions
PUSH Physical Theatre
Mark Shyzer
Solo Theater Company
Slade Wolfe Enterprises Ltd
Beastly Productions
Many Moons Productions
Lil Theatre Company
DK Reinemer
Stickyback Theatre
Tyler West 
Martin Dockery
Daniel Tobias
Showmen Productions
Stories Alive
Tudor Productions
Stories Alive
Tudor Productions
Kurt Fitzpatrick
Piti Theatre Company
Raido Productions
Unos Compas que hacen Teatro
Kazu Kusano
Hancock Fabrications
Bikini Katie Productions
Kathleen Denny Presents
Le Why Not Productions
Ewerton Martins

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