APT613 Coverage





2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures by Kenneth Brown & John D. Huston

2084 by Andrew Alexander

52 Pickup by Katie Nixon

A Modest Attempt by Darcy Smith

A Period Piece by Laura Welchner & Monica Bradford-Lea

ARNOTT: A Masterclass In Good Theatring by Nicholas Aymott

Babel On by Tim C. Murphy

Bat Brains or (let’s explore mental illness with vampires) by Sam Kruger

Beans of Fury by Matt Hertendy

Becoming Magic Mike: An Action Adventure Comedy by DK Reinemer

Beneath The Bikini by Katie Thayer

Beyond The Pale by Sherri Rose

Dammit, Jim! I’m A Comedienne, Not A Doctor! by Polly Esther

Destiny, USA by Laura Anne Harris

Entangled by Jacob Berkowitz

ExDEMONators by Leaping Mammal Collective

Fuckboys The Musical by Savannah Cassidy Pedersen

Get Well Soon by Hamda Elmi

Get Yourself Home Skyler James by Jordan Tannahill

God Is A Scottish Drag Queen by Mike Delamont

GoFundYourself by Black Box Comedy

Happy Birthday, Claire! by Valerie Cardinal

I Am The Most Unfeeling Doctor In The World (An Other True Tales From The Emergency Room) by Melissa Yuan-Innes

I Think I’m Dead by Al Lafrance

Ingenue: Deanna Durbin, Judy Garland and the Golden Age of Hollywood by Melanie Gall

Jimmy? by Cullen McGrail

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ODD JOBS? by Arthur MacKinnon

Ludwig(a) by Adam Linton & Gwyneth Orr

Magnificence by Keir Cutler

My Good Friend Jay by Montana Adams

Night Feed by Sarah Joy Bennett, Ginette Mohr & Shawna Reiter

No More Secrets by Spare Change Theatre

Not: A Bev Oda Memoir by Clara Madrenas

Olive: A Culinary Landscape by Sarah Haley

Pack Animals by Holly M. Brinkman & S.E. Grummett

Perfect Date by Sam Pomerant

Pinter Stew by Harold Pinter & Third Wall

Quantum Calamity by Aerial Antics

Scaredy Cat by Carlyn Rhamey

Skirts in the Forest by Becky McKercher & Sarah Thuswaldner

Stick or Wizard? by Oli Weatherly

Suitcase of Wonders by Ryan Pilling

The Date by Phoebe Webber

The Key to Time Travel by Allison Elizabeth Burns

The Knitting Pilgrim by Kirk Dunn

The Last President of Canada by Doug Rutherford

The Royal Flush by Kate Jaimet

The Shape of a Girl by Joan MacLeod

THE WALK IN THE SNOW: the true story of Lise Meitner by jem rolls

The Win At Life Mega Expo by Faisal Butt, Amish Patel & Morgan O’Shea

Timmy, the Dog, Disappears by Martin Dockery

Tornado Troubles by Rory Gardiner

Who’s Your Mommy? by Rachelle Elie

Worldly Women by Dance Fachin

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  1. Saw the fun play The Royal Flush! It was well done, great actors, an imaginative use of the space on the stage! Bravo!

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