Welcome Brittany!

We are so thrilled to introduce Brittany Johnston as our new Artistic Outreach & Development Coordinator!

Last time you saw Brittany with us she was performing as one of The Daughter’s of Midas (living statues) during opening night of undercurrents 2018.

Aanii, Boozhoo!
Brittany Johnston Ndishnikaaz, Mikinaak Nindoodem, Genaabaajing Nindoonjibaa.
I am ecstatic to be joining the Ottawa Fringe team this year. I’ll be around the festival, don’t be shy to come say hello and introduce yourself!

Brittany (Anishinaabekwe, Serpent River First Nation) holds an Honours Bachelor with a Specialization in Theatre, and is currently pursuing her MA in Theatre and Dramaturgy from the UofO. The focus of her work is the development of Indigenous performance practices and Indigenous arts festivals in Canada. Her credits include: Wrapped in Culture (OAG upcoming), Ha Kus Teyea Celebration (Yukon) , Canada Scene (NAC), and the Canada Dance festival (to name a few).


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