2018 Lottery Results


Fringe is an open-access festival. That’s to say, nobody curates the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Instead artists throw their names into a lottery and the winners score a festival venue, technician, box office services, and front-of-house volunteers. More artists add to the program with Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) shows and all performers keep 100% of their ticket sales.

N.B. Bring Your Own Venue applications will open in the new year. Check back soon for more information or subscribe for an email heads up (tick the “performing opportunities” box).

2018 Lottery Results

December 4, during a party at Arts Court Studio, the lottery draw for the 22nd Ottawa Fringe Festival took place. The official results are below, click through to see waitlist & heartbreak list.

Out of 174 registrants only 42 could win lottery spots. Two spots are reserved for local youth performers, 20 more went to Ottawa-Gatineau performers, 12 to National performers, and 8 to International performers. The lottery draw is subject to a quota: 50% Local (Ottawa-Gatineau), 30% National (rest of Canada), and 20% International (rest of World)


Producer Locale
Taboo Productions Ottawa, ON
DipInTheLake Ottawa, ON
See waitlist…

90 minute CATEGORY

Producer Locale
Red Bastard (CAFF Touring Lottery winner) Plantation, USA
Collette Kendall(CAFF Touring Lottery winner) Hamilton, ON
See waitlist… See heartbreak list…


Producer Locale
Red Bastard (CAFF Touring Lottery winner) Plantation, FLA
1919 (CAFF Touring Lottery winner) Paris, FR
Dynamite Lunchbox Orlando, USA
Jim Loucks Venice, USA
Jake Simonds Portland, USA
Josh Glanc Melbourne, AUST
Steve Budd Productions Oakland, USA
The Invisible Theater of Minneapolis Minneapolis, USA
See waitlist… See heartbreak list…


Producer Locale
Collette Kendall (CAFF Touring Lottery winner) Hamilton, ON
Indigenized Indigenous Theatre
(CAFF Touring Lottery winner)
St. Albert, AB
Dating Myself Toronto, ON
Ashley Whitehead Vancouver, BC
New Twist Theatre Collective London, ON
Deflying Feets Toronto, ON
Awe! Theatre Toronto, ON
Yarn Productions Montréal, QC
Good Morning Apocalypse Midland, ON
TMI Productions Toronto, ON
SNAFU Victoria, BC
Not Oasis Productions Toronto, ON
See waitlist… See heartbreak list…


Producer Locale
The Jenn Hayward Show Ottawa, ON
Aldershot Sun Productions Ottawa, ON
Break Free Entertainment Ottawa, ON
Greg Houston Comedy Ottawa, ON
Plan B Productions Ottawa, ON
PrettyUgly Theatre Productions Ottawa, ON
Alli Harris Ottawa, ON
Miltonbone Productions Ottawa, ON
Floral Theatre Ottawa, ON
Shenaniventures Ottawa, ON
Theatre Underground Ottawa, ON
Jamine Ackert Ottawa, ON
Phybee Ottawa, ON
Even Gilchrist Ottawa, ON
Rainy Heart Productions Ottawa, ON
Stendhal X Ottawa, ON
The Lady Chamberlain Ottawa, ON
Bird on a Branch Productions Ottawa, ON
Right Now Tonight Gatineau, QC
Crowning Monkey Ottawa, ON
See waitlist…  See heartbreak list…

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